Happy Meal = Happy Baby

Last weekend (much to her Dad’s delight) we hit up Mickey D’s so that Emmy Cate could experience her first Happy Meal!  Guess it’s safe to say that she loved every minute of it ... the whole play area (thankfully indoors because of the heat!), the other kids there, and then the greasy fries.  Judging from the pictures, she also really liked having her milk handy too!!

Here she is checking out the play area … and other kids climbing all over the place …



And then it was time to check out the grub …. a cheeseburger, fries, and a milk!  Complete with a bobble head toy!


Daddy was very happy that EC shares his love of greasy, unhealthy fast food!! 



Sally said...

I love the sandals!

shawn said...

her face is WAY to clean for eating french fries and ketchup. i think we've just been punk'd!

Anonymous said...

I love it. She is so ADORABLE and happy meals (and pizza before long) will be all you'll hear her say she wants to eat, so boy will Nathan be in luck. Thanks again for the blog updates. Seeing all the cute smiles and expressions on these beautiful little girls faces makes a great start to my day.