Happy 4th!!

For the 4th, we went to the celebration at the Club which included a whole BBQ spread, plenty of activities for the kids (and plenty of libations for the adults), and a rocking fireworks show.  Emmy Cate loved every minute of it.  By loved, I mean she ran around E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.  And by everywhere, I’m talking 3 full hours of adrenaline-fueled, crazy walking and running over the grass, up stairs, over people’s blankets, around chairs, through legs, besides fences, through bubbles, over jump ropes, under tables, across fields … well, you get the picture.  Since Nathan’s parents were still here, there were 4 of us to chase her but we all gave up just as it was getting dark right before the fireworks.  Luckily, Grandma and Papaw were so nice to take Emmy Cate to bed and we got to hang out a little longer.

mommy and ec


 EC bubbles 1

EC bubbles 2

After surviving keeping Emmy Cate for the weekend, I think Grandma and Papaw realize what a handful Emmy Cate is!!   :)  I just have to share a funny story from her teacher at school that perfectly illustrates EC’s boisterous personality.  When Nathan picked her up from school yesterday, her teacher had changed her outfit.  Naturally, Nathan asked why she needed a change, and the teacher proceeded to tell how Emmy Cate managed to get her whole outfit soaked.  Normally, each week her class has “Splash Day” at school where the kids get dressed in all of their swim gear and get to splash around in a big “splash table” (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a basin up on legs like a table that you can fill with water).  Nevertheless, that happens on Fridays and not on Tuesdays.  Well, seeing that it was left out in the rain over the weekend and collected some water in it, some of the kiddos got the bright idea to turn Tuesday into splash day!  One of their teachers had turned around for a split second and when she turned back, 3 of the kiddos were engaged with the splash table just playing their hearts out.  And by playing, I mean the other 2 were sticking their hands in the water and splashing, but oh no, not our Emmy Cate.  She decided that was for amateurs and proceeded to try to climb in the table with all of her clothes on!!  She was rolling around in the water just as happy as a clam!  She was apparently determined to take it one step further and get extra dirty!!!  That’s our girl!  And don’t worry, there was hardly any water in it so she wasn’t in any danger!! 

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DeDe said...

She is a crazy wild girl!! Great picture of Pam and Stan with her.