Sleepy Girl

Emmy Cate had a very busy day yesterday!  She went out and about with Mom and Dad and Pro and DeDe to the Taste of Sandy Springs, where everyone but her got to taste alot of yummy food from local restaurants.  There were many, many kids and strollers there, but it is safe to say that she was the youngest of the bunch at only 9 days old!!  Last night, she also attended a dinner party held by her neighbors!  She is already becoming Miss Socialite!! 

Here is some footage from Friday night when Nathan was trying to get her to wake up so she would sleep at night!



Visit from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Gary

Emmy Cate had new visitors last night!  Her Aunt Mandy and Uncle Gary flew back from Hawaii and stopped over in Atlanta to meet their niece!  Emmy Cate slept most of the time, but she did give them some peeks of those pretty blue eyes!!

     Mandy and EC   Gary and EC



Here is some footage from Emmy Cate's bath today.  She seems to enjoy getting clean!!


One Week Check-up

Emmy Cate had her first Doctor's appointment today for her one week check-up.  She went a little early because she was at high risk for jaundice.  Mom has O- blood and Emmy Cate got her daddy's A+ blood, which puts her at higher risk.  Also, she had lost about 9 oz in the hospital, so we needed to fatten her up and make sure she had gained.  On both accounts, the doctor said she was perfect!!  No risk of jaundice and she had put on 7 oz already, up to 7lb., 3oz, which was considered wonderful by her doctor.  We don't go back again for another month! 

Otherwise, things are going great.  At this point, she is just eating and sleeping all of the time, usually about 2-3 hours between feeding times.  She hardly cries or gets fussy, but when she does, unfortunately for dad's sanity, it is the middle of the night when she chooses to do so!!




We finally made it home Saturday afternoon and have been nonstop busy ever since!!  DeDe and Pro arrived Saturday afternoon to help out and meet Emmy Cate.  We were also surprised with a cute birth announcement stork that our wonderful neighbors had
done for us!  I have posted more pics under "Emmy Cate's First Days" in the photo album.

Mom, Dad, EC and stork


She’s Here!!

Our beautiful baby girl, Emmy Catherine, arrived on Thursday, May 21st at 7:04 am.  She weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and is 20 inches long.  Emmy Cate is doing wonderfully and has passed each test with flying colors!!  Check out some pictures on the photo album page under "Newborn Photos."  We should be checking out of the hospital tomorrow and headed home as a family of 3 (4 if you count Bits!!).  Mom and Dad are hanging in there, but have learned that it is possible to sleep only a few hours per night and still function!!



The Beginning

Hi everyone!  We finally got the website up and running, after having finally decided on a domain name!!  Nathan can be mostly credited with putting it together, but we think it's just right since it will mainly be focused on our little one(s) (yes, that's more than one, but give us some time!!), and it also stands for our fur baby's name as well - Bits.  Anyway, we thought this would be the easiest way to post pictures and video and give little updates on our baby girl!! 

We are officially a week away and I don't know how much longer I am going to make it!!  It could be any day now, and any little sign or symptom makes me sit up and take notice!  She is still wiggly and squirmy, but it's obvious that she is running out of room in
there.  Mommy's tummy refuses to stretch anymore since she is determined to be back in a bikini by the end of the summer!! 

We plan to send out an email message when the big day arrives with a birth announcement, but we will be posting more pics and some video here.  We can't wait!!