One Month Check-up

Emmy Cate is 5 weeks old today!  She had her one month doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor said she was doing great!  She weighed 9 pounds, 10 ounces, which they said was excellent weight gain!  She is in the 50-75 percentiles on both height and weight, so she is exactly where she needs to be!!  She is a trooper and was very well behaved for her appointment.  Both the nurse and doctor said she had a great demeanor.  We are a bit biased, but we certainly think so!!  Otherwise, she is changing everyday!  She is now taking an interest in toys, loves to gaze at faces, and is trying her hardest to smile at us.  We think it will only be another week or two before we start getting smiles, and then squeals and laughs are sure to follow.



Naptime with Daddy

For the past 3 days, Daddy has had National Guard duty but this afternoon he was able to come home after lunch and give Mom a break!!  Here is what he and Emmy Cate decided to do for the afternoon:


Emmy Cate is growing like a weed!  Don't mind her little belly in the picture - her clothes are a little snug!!  We won't know for sure until we go to the doctor in a couple of weeks but we guess she has put on 2-3 pounds.  She is out of the Newborn diapers and in to size 1's, and some of her newborn clothes are being retired as well.  It is truly amazing how fast they grow.  I read somewhere today that in the first year, their brain grows 175%!! 


3 weeks old already!!

Today is Emmy Cate's 3 week birthday.  It's hard to believe that she is already three weeks old.  Tomorrow, Emmy Cate has her first playdate, and it involves going shopping!  One of her and her mom's favorite pastimes!

I posted a few more pics in the "Emmy Cate's First Days" photo album.


Bits Loves Her!

If we had any doubts about our little girl and our fur baby getting along, then I think we have put those to rest!  They decided to both get a nap in together on the couch this afternoon.



Out and About

Emmy Cate had a really busy weekend with Mamaw and PawPaw Childers.  On a side note, PawPaw Childers hasn't made his mind up on what he wants to be called - it's among Papaw, PawPaw, or Pappy!!  Anyway, they had a really fun visit with Emmy Cate and got in lots of time holding her.  Emmy Cate had two momentous occasions this weekend, one that her dad is really proud of, and the other her mom loves.  Can you guess which one is which???

First trip to the Varsity:


First trip to the mall:


Also, check the "First Days" photo album for more pics!!


Mom and EC Stepping Out

Mom took Emmy Cate out for the first time by herself!!  So, it was only a grocery store run, but still it was progress.  True to form, Emmy Cate slept the entire time in the car, at the store, and on the way home!  She got so many compliments from other shoppers too!  I couldn't help myself and had to take a picture!!



Taste of Sandy Springs

Today, we noticed Emmy Cate had a new trick!!  She is finally starting to focus on things and is happy to be staring into Mommy and Daddy's eyes and learning their faces!  It's hard to believe how much she can change each day!! 

Here are a couple of cute pics from Taste of Sandy Springs: