End of School Party

Today, we met Emmy Cate’s classmates and their parents, along with her teachers, at Newtown Park for her end of school party.  In another week, Emmy Cate moves to a toddler room!!  Is was so HOT but EC had a lot of fun running around and playing on the playground.  The big hit was the slide!  She went around and around … down the slide, run around, up the steps and down again!  She liked going solo but …

DSC_0186 decided it was LOTS more fun if you go down with a friend!!  This is her classmate, Emerson who is as fun loving as EC!!

EC Emerson slide 2


Emerson EC slide

By the time we left, Emmy Cate was soaking wet with sweat and so dirty she had to come home and immediately take a bath!  We had fun talking to some of the parents that we don’t see very much.  All of the kids in her class with transition at the same time to the same room, so the only new faces will be her teachers! 

I attended the school open house and the new teachers seem great.  The kids’ day in the new room is a little more structured since they will be learning letters, numbers, colors, etc.  They will also start to learn bible verses and songs.  They transition down to only one nap a day and no more cribs – they sleep on cots.  No high chairs either, just mini tables and chairs!  Lots of changes but EC is not afraid to tackle anything!

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