3 Babies and a Little Chopper

Last weekend was a BIG weekend for our family!  We had  fun visiting Nathan’s family in North Carolina.  Due to our … travel constraints (ie EC HATES the car), this was her first trip since Christmas.  She is not one to sit still, and being strapped in her torture chamber car seat for hours does not sit well with her.  Luckily, we were able to take advantage of our brother-in-law’s profession (he’s a pilot) and EC and I were able to hop a chopper for the ride up on Friday night! 

Unfortunately, just as we were supposed to leave a huge storm cell parked overhead and would not let up.  So we spent over an hour just hanging out in the car.


After that little setback, we were able to get underway.  It seats six, so we had 3 babies in the back (EC and her 2 cousins Macy and Makayla), one adult in the back, and two adults up front.  My sister-in-law, Mandy, was the brave volunteer to sit back with the 3 little ones for the 1.5 hour ride!!!  EC thought it was pretty cool and even fell ASLEEP for most of the ride, which was probably the most amazing thing that happened all weekend!  The last time she fell asleep in her carseat was … Christmas Day 2009!!  Thank you EC for being such a great baby that night!!



Up in North Carolina, EC spent plenty of time with Grandma and Papaw playing in the “country”, and also playing with her cousins.  She thought her cousins’ dog was pretty cool but a little big!

EC dog

She made sure her nose was clean of any embarrassing things …


And just hung out since it poured rain all afternoon Saturday … and did I mention it was my birthday?!

DSC_0073 DSC_0074

Saturday night, Nathan and I went out (thanks to Grandma and Papaw for babysitting!) for a glass of vino and a wonderful dinner. 

Sunday was the Childers reunion and EC and I had never been.  We don’t have too many pics of the afternoon but we did manage to snap some pics of the girls before heading out.

3 girls blanket

We tried our best to get a family pic, but this is about as good as it got.  EC was all over the place and in no mood to sit pretty and cheese for the camera.  I think our photographer could use some lessons too!  Where are our legs??!!  ;)


The tradition is to make homemade ice cream in the afternoon, so of course, EC’s Papaw had to make sure she sampled the goods.  She never gets sweets at home so it was a treat.  She definitely was not prepared for how COLD it was though and quickly gave up on it!!

DSC_0138 DSC_0139

We had a good weekend but unfortunately, as soon as we got home, EC came down with croup!!  Yuck!  She is really hoarse and it’s so sad to hear!  She seems to be feeling a bit better now.

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DeDe said...

Good job on the blanket!! I can't believe she didn't like ice cream - that will change. Love those rosy cheeks!