Happy Memorial Day!

The club kicked off the summer swim season with a pool party today.  We made the good decision to let EC nap and then head up there.  It was the first time for us to hit the pool this season and we wanted everything to go perfectly so Emmy Cate would have a good experience with the water. 

She took all of 0.3 seconds to warm up and was totally fearless of the water.  We bought her a swim float thing similar to a life jacket, but realized it wasn’t enough to keep her afloat.  She wants to do everything herself, including swimming and running to the edge of the pool and jumping in without us!!  She definitely got face fulls of water by being a little too independent in the water, but it never phased her.  Next up is a pair of arm swimmies.  Hopefully with enough floats she can gain independence and not drown!!






Emmy Cate’s Sweet Shoppe

Our little girl is already 2!  We had quite the party to celebrate!!  Emmy Cate had such a blast, I don’t think we could have planned it any better for her.  She loved every second of it.  We had a great crowd, about 50 people.  After a few beers (adults), a petting zoo (kids), we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs to feed the crowd.  The party started at 3 and the last guests didn’t leave until 8:30.  It was a lot of fun!

Whole room

The theme was Emmy Cate’s Sweet Shoppe and we had plenty of cakes, cupcakes and candy!

     invite sanitized cupcakes        

food table 

lauren and daf

 Topiary treat bageparty hat

  lollipopwhole candy table

Unfortunately, this was the first day of 90+ degree temps so it was a little steamy outside!

  outsideoutside 2

  kiddie table decordeck

  outside frontwhole room 2

The biggest hit was the petting zoo!  There were baby bunnies, a sheep, baby goats, a pony, baby chickens and big chickens.  Emmy Cate stayed with the animals the whole time they were here and petted and held lots of bunnies and fed the goats.  She LOVES animals.

bunny hold

   ec and lcsitting bunny

  EC in treesEC and evelyn     

   m&m petting zoo  EC in woods 2

papaw and ec and macy

    petting zoopony ridespetting

  All of the kiddos enjoyed their cupcakes, but the bigger hit was the Smarties that were in the centerpieces.  

  kiddo table 2kiddo table

    dede and ec kids table

    ec and papaw the crowd on deck

family pic

 EC in trees 

papaw and 3 girls           

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!  We love you!!


Lazy 5 and a Wedding

A couple of weekends ago, we headed up to North Carolina for Nathan’s cousin’s wedding, and to get in some QT with family.  EC, Macy and Makayla all can’t seem to get enough of each other, it’s too bad they don’t get a chance to hang out more often.  We had a packed weekend, especially on Saturday.  The girls had another sleepover, which made for an early morning on Saturday.  We packed them all up and headed out to Lazy 5 Ranch, a game ranch about 30 minutes away. 

All of the girls (and the adults) thought this place was pretty cool.  There were all kinds of animals, some you could pet, some you could feed, and some that were just to look at (think rhinos and water buffalo)! 

pam, m, ec with cows

All of us crammed into one car and let the girls have the run of the back with the tailgate open.  We had three buckets of feed so it was a contest on what could hold the attention of the kids longer – watching animals or throwing the feed.   Most of the animals aren’t shy when it comes to getting handouts and would stick their noses right down into the car.  As scary as it was for us, none of the girls seemed to mind!

ec back  feeding zebra makayla bucket

After dumping the entire bucket of food out of the back delicately feeding the animals, Makayla decided the bucket made a great hat.  Her hair sure smelled wonderful after that.

giraffe steer    


3 munchkins in the backWe headed home and got in some quick naps before it was time to get ready and head out again, this time to the girls’ first wedding.  We all sat in the back and held our breaths the entire time, wondering if the girls would behave.  Aunt Mandy came prepared with snacks, books, and toys, and Papaw drew some pretty funny animals for the girls to identify.  Other than Emmy Cate yelling “yay” after each song and wanting to climb over the pew 100 times, the girls did great and made it almost through the entire service.


The reception was at Statesville Country Club where all 3 girls enjoyed lots of attention from extended family and breaking it down on the dance floor.  I’m not sure M&M were having much of the dancing, but EC managed to squeeze in a minute with the new bride.

ec dancing

         ec weddingL and EC wedding

After a quick lunch on Sunday for Mamaw’s birthday, we headed back to Atlanta, where EC actually SLEPT IN THE CAR for 2 hours.  SHUT UP, it must have been a full moon because this girl NEVER sleeps anywhere but her crib.  I guess we can look forward to that happening again sometime in the summer of ‘12.