Mini Vacay

Nathan and I headed down to Hilton Head this past weekend for a micro vacation while his parents kept EC at home.  It was my first night(s) away from Emmy Cate and almost the first time I really got to sleep in!  We slept until almost 9 two days in a row!!  We left out Friday afternoon and didn’t get in until almost 9 on Friday night.  We enjoyed some drinks and a late dinner before staying up too late!!  But it didn’t matter because we knew we could sleep as long as we wanted!! 

Saturday, we headed to the beach but didn’t even stay there for an hour due to a wind advisory, which was great if you wanted an all-over body exfoliation but not so great if you didn’t like sand granules in your mouth.  So we headed to the pool and hung out there all day.  Since it was so breezy we didn’t really get too hot.  The weather was wonderful!!

That night, we went out for some drinks and dinner at The Black Marlin and it was delicious!  I had a huge shellfish pot filled with steamed lobster, crab, crawfish, mussels, clams, and shrimp, and Nathan had Black Grouper.  Yum!  We definitely had our fill of seafood this trip!!

balcony 1 Sunday morning was pretty low key since we left mid morning to get back in time to celebrate the 4th back home!! 

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Mom said...

Very cute pic of you two!