Thanksgiving Preview

Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving weekend in Memphis.  More to follow later!!

   100_2869      100_2903



Half a Year Old!!

Wow, where did the time go?  How is it possible that you are closer to being a year old than to being a squishy little newborn?? 

Here are some highlights from your 6th month:

1. You are eating about 28 oz of formula (4 times a day) and 1 and 1/2 jars of baby food.  However, the past couple of days, you have eaten 2 jars at one meal so I think we are going to have to move up on the baby food!!

3. You are still a G.R.E.A.T. sleeper, sleeping for 12 hours a night and staying on your same nap schedule for the last couple of months.

4. You can easily roll over both ways and love to roll around anywhere playing with toys.  You have been pulling your knees up under you alot recently, but no crawling yet!

5. You don’t seem really interested in sitting up.  Even though it’s clear that you can do it, you just don’t want to!!  You are WAY TOO ACTIVE to want to sit still for a minute and would rather be rolling around on the floor.

6.  You recognize your name and will respond to someone calling you.

Here is EC trying out her walker, a lovely Jeep!



Well hello there first tooth!!

Is this why Emmy Cate has been so fussy the past few days?  A little white speck on the horizon of her gums has appeared!  I noticed this after watching her scream smile at me picking her up from the Kid’s Kare at the gym.  Through close inspection, Daddy was able to verify it!!

It’s too teeny tiny to snap a pic of it, so here she is just being charming!!  

EC turkey day

 EC turkey day 2 

Gobble. Gobble.  Happy Early Turkey Day!!


Wild Child

We are just hanging out while Daddy has his Army National Guard duty this weekend.  The weekends sure are L.O.N.G. when he is away and EC and I are here by ourselves.  But, there are only 6 more drills (I think!) and then no more, so yay!! 

EC’s latest habit is playing with her tootsies and biting her toesies!  Why is that so irresistible?  And why is it cute for a baby to do this but if any adult did it, it would be disgusting? 

EC toes

So as I’ve posted before, (almost) every morning, EC and I hit the gym where she goes to play in the Kid’s Kare room while I workout.  I know all of the sweet ladies that work in there and they know Miss Emmy Cate since we go so often.  Well, today I found out that she is known as the “wild child” around there!  This doesn’t surprise me in the least because she is quite a handful, but I can’t believe she has a reputation already!!  Ahhhh!!!! 

Does it have anything to do with the high-pitched ear-piercing scream that she does just to make noise?  Nahhh ….

Or the dislike she has for sitting in her stroller for more than 3 minutes?  Nahhh ….

Or the thrashing and kicking and trying to turn over that she will do practically anywhere??  Nahhh …

Or the 2 minutes she is entertained with each toy before she is bored??  Nahhh….

Can anyone say ADHD??!!!!! 

Yes, she is a wild child, but we love her to death!! 


Happy Veteran’s Day Daddy!!

… and Papaw too!!  :)  And all of the other men and women who have served and are serving our country!! 

EC naked jumper


North Carolina Fall Trip

Emmy Cate had a great trip up to North Carolina to visit family this past weekend.  It is becoming VERY clear that she does NOT enjoy road trips (she takes after mom here!) so the car rides were a little rough this time.  But once she was there, she had a great time being entertained by friends and family.  She got in lots of playtime with the other kiddos, her cousins Macy and Makayla. 

EC Exersaucer

Loving the Exersaucer!


3 babies w L and N

3 kids looks good on us, right?  :)


Ec w M and M sitting up

Hanging out with the cousins.  Makayla is on the left and Macy is on the right.


EC eating Macy Eating Macy. 



Yummy, yummy, yummy … she’s got REAL food in her tummy

Emmy Cate has graduated from rice cereal and oatmeal on to yummy 1st foods!!  So far, she has tried sweet potatoes, peaches, and carrots and she seems to love them all!!  Next up are pears, squash, bananas, and green beans.  She is such a good eater too and will open wide for most bites.  She is eating twice a day now (morning and evening) and she really gets in to the evening feedings!  She is also mesmerized by anyone eating in front of her and will open her mouth and make smacking noises at the mere sight of food!  She is a mess … literally!!

EC food {Yummy, mommy … I *think* some is going in my mouth}

EC spoon

{Just to be sure I’m getting some, let me give you a hand}

EC messy

{See what happens after I get ahold of the spoon!!}