Sugar and spice and everything nice ...

but not when Mommy is away! I go out of town to NYC for a few days and her dad turns her into a hunter!


Easter follow up

To show how much she loved the bunny ….





I love all of these pictures so thought I’d share … all taken from the iPhone, which can take a decent pic these days!

Baking a cake …


Pointing out a doggy on the way to school … {I think she looks about 6 years old here!!}

big girl

Her friend Evelyn’s 3rd birthday party ….

                   clappingevelyns party

Picking out flowers to plant in the yard …


Cheesing it up in the shirt daddy brought back from the Master’s …


Visiting family in NC …


Watching a movie and eating her first bowl of popcorn …


Goofing off during a car ride …

silly girls

Happy Easter!!


As is the tradition, we went to the Club for their Easter festivities!  Sadly, no petting zoo this year! :(  But Emmy Cate totally “got it” this year and that made it even better.  She was psyched to see the Easter Bunny and hunt eggs!


We started out with giving her her Easter basket, full of goodies, including her favorite things – puzzles and books!  Emmy Cate is obsessed with books.  I mean completely obsessed.  She will see a Target and say “Mommy, look there’s Target.  Let’s go see the books”.  Not the toys, she only cares about books and loves to “read” them to you by making up her own silly stories to go with the pictures.

We had dyed our Easter eggs the previous day and had fun watching them change colors and decorating them with stickers.  Then it was off to the club in our country club best for the Easter Bunny, and egg hunt, and a yummy brunch!

easter eggsgolf cart wave

Our Easter Bunny pics are still at the club, but Emmy Cate was ecstatic to see him.  She had to go back 3 times to hug him and show him her eggs and tell him hello.  I can’t wait to see the pictures, all she could do was stare at him in awe and I don’t think we got many smiles for the camera!



Emmy Cate took off when it was go time on the eggs, even being the first climber on the hill to get the eggs up there.  For someone who doesn’t care much about candy, she sure collected her fair share of eggs!!


Ringling Brothers


Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus were in town a couple of months ago and we decided to take Emmy Cate.  This was also my first time ever going to the circus (I’m not sure Cirque de Soleil counts). 


Emmy Cate refused to have her picture taken!  These were the only two shots I could get where she wasn’t blatantly covering her face!!

We saw tigers and elephants, ponies and horses.  The “little bitty horses” were Emmy Cate’s favorite animals.  The tigers were really scary but Emmy Cate and Nathan missed most of that show because Emmy Cate decided cotton candy was gross and wanted peanuts instead!  So they had to get the girl some peanuts!


Emmy Cate loved it and pretty much lasted through the whole show, although at the end she was just doing laps around the seats and wasn’t paying any attention.  I’m guessing it is the first but will not be the last time we hit up that event!! 


Catching Up … A Recap In Pictures

Since it’s been almost two months since my last post, I’ll attempt a recap in photos …

Let’s see, there was Christmas …



three girls edited cropped




Emmy Cate’s Christmas Program at MPCS ….

jesus lay down his head

{“Away in the Manger” – “…little boy Jesus lay down his sweet head …”}


{Entertaining the crowd}

notice a theme here

{And showing them our wonderful manners!!}

We’ve stayed in a read books in the cold … stomped in rain puddles when it rains …. and played in the park on warm, sunny days!!


We’ve also been bored at Benihana’s ….


We have been introduced to Aladdin, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Nemo, and Toy Story.  The winter is a good time to catch up on all of our Disney favorites!!

Daddy took trips to LA, San Fran, and Scottsdale.  Mommy was in London and Orlando ….


{Windsor Castle}


{Harrod’s Food Halls}

What else have we been keeping busy with?  Painting the outside of our house … remodeling our basement … refinancing our mortgage …. planning another trip back to London and also Barcelona …. decorating the master bedroom with new curtains and a new bed ….  tacking EC to see the Ringling Brothers circus this weekend …. getting elected to CCOS Homeowner’s board of trustees (Nathan) …. and oh yeah, our day jobs too!!  Wonder why I haven’t gotten around to updating the blog?!

Until next time …..