Weekend with DeDe

DeDe came to visit EC for a long weekend and they had so much fun!!  It had been almost 2 months since they had seen each other, but Emmy Cate warmed right up to DeDe. 

One afternoon, we ventured out to do a little shopping but managed to get Emmy Cate to pose for some pictures before we left.  She has gotten pretty ticklish pretty much everywhere – feet, belly, her little chubby thighs – so to get those smiles out of her, I’m tickling her in the second picture.

DSC00806 DSC00816

It is an understatement to say that she is O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with the ball popper (Bits thinks it’s pretty cool too).  The second she hears the music stop on it, she immediately reaches to bang the “on” lever down (see the second picture).  She also knows to put the balls back in the toy so she doesn’t run out of balls!!  This thing is generally going nonstop at our house if she is awake!

DSC00794 DSC00789

Over the weekend, the weather was gorgeous – mid-60’s and sunny – so we made a trip to our neighborhood park, where Emmy Cate got to swing, slide, and meet a whole girl scout troop!  She was VERY interested in everything around her, which made it IMPOSSIBLE to get a good shot of her.  Smiling?  Maybe.  Looking at the camera?  Nope.  Looking at the camera and smiling?  Not in this lifetime.

DSC00837  DSC00847

She didn’t know what to think about the slide, but she sure was excited to see a sea of wonderful things at the bottom to chew on.  Yes, we are talking about wood chips and pine needles!!  Delish!!


Here’s hoping to many more gorgeous park days ahead!!!


9 Months!!

Emmy Cate turns 9 months old today!!  Here are some highlights of what she is up to these days:

  • Clapping and starting to wave
  • She is working on her consonants - bah, guh, keh – and will “talk” to you and mimic these sounds
  • She has 4 teeth (bottom two middle and top two side) with 5th coming in (finally a top middle!)
  • The ball popper is hands down her favorite toy and she can turn it on and knows how to “play” with many toys
  • She is crawling everywhere and her favorite position is balancing on one knee with the other leg extended
  • She eats 3 jars of baby food (or the equivalent) for each meal, three times a day and 2 bottle “snacks” per day (12 oz total)
  • She wakes up at around 7, naps from 11-1, and most days again from 5-6, then bedtime at 8
  • She weighs 19 lbs., 8 ozs. (50-75%) and is 29” long (80%)
  • She generally wears 12-18 month clothes


Happy 9 months little girl!!!


Our Little Valentine

We celebrated a great V-day with our newest little valentine today!  Emmy Cate was showered with cards, flowers (ok, maybe just a single rose), and gifts!  Daddy got her a beautiful red rose and a silly toy that sings “I Feel Good”, lights up, and flaps his ears.  She L.O.V.E.S. that kind of thing!  EC dressed for Daddy in her V-day finest …. her first blue jeans and a shirt that says “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”!! 

Here she is sizing up her new toy before going for it.  I love how she has her little tongue out like she is really thinking about it!


DSC03031 DSC03018

Daddy wanted to get her picture with all of the pretty roses (23 for Mommy and 1 for EC).  Of course, you can’t do anything around here without Bits sticking his nose in it (literally)!!  Notice how classy we are … EC’s rose is in it’s own “vase” aka a Pilsner glass!!  Haha!


After taking 39 pictures today, and only 4 turning out, Nathan has finally broken down and says we are getting a new camera THIS WEEK!!  Yes!!  Since our luck with our recent point-and-click has been pretty bad, we are in the market for an SLR camera, likely a Nikon.  Suggestions on which model to buy are welcome!!  Stay tuned for better pictures and quite possibly some other exciting news soon!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Winter Wonderland

The SNOW started just after lunch and just WILL. NOT. STOP!!  We pretty much stayed inside in our jammies all day but ran out to snap a few quick pics in the snow.  I think there are about 3 inches out there.  Everything looks gorgeous now, but our feelings wouldn’t be hurt if spring came tomorrow!  I guess, after all, it’s the perfect nod to the start of Emmy Cate’s first Winter Olympics with opening ceremonies this evening!!

DSC02992 DSC03003

EC face


Best Buds

Hey Bits, you think Mommy and Daddy will let us go out and play??


Hmmm, let’s check out the weather, what do you think?  I see blue skies ….


Hey!  You mind your own business.  Bits and I are hanging out!!


Mamaw and Papaw Childers came to visit EC this weekend and she had a blast!  She showed them all of her new tricks – crawling, pulling up, kneeling, babbling – and a new one she learned over the weekend – clapping!  She is so proud of herself when she does something that she feels needs an ovation, and now she can join in!!  I’m hoping Papaw has some pictures of their visit because we didn’t take a single one!!  Oopps!!