Weekend with Papaw

Papaw came to visit this weekend and Emmy Cate was beyond excited to see him!   As usual, she didn’t want anything to do with Mommy and Daddy once a new playmate was in the house. 

Before Papaw got into town, we hung out on the deck with some friends after a round of golf.  Since it has been in the 60-70s for the past couple of weeks, Emmy Cate has really gotten hooked on golf cart rides and was happy to take one with our friends.


Once Papaw arrived, it was on!  He wasn’t afraid of getting down on the floor to horse around, and Emmy Cate wasted no time taking advantage of that!


We also couldn’t pass up another opportunity to ride on the golf cart, so Nathan and Papaw took her out for another ride to enjoy yet another beautiful day on Sunday.


Emmy Cate got completely wound up on Sunday night and had Papaw running, chasing, and climbing and crawling around on the floor.  She thought it was the best – can you tell??!!



Before leaving, Emmy Cate just had to check out Papaw’s “new” motorcycle … the Blue Bandit we call it!!


After eating lunch and saying our goodbyes, we went to the golf store and EC looked up at me and asked “Where’d Papaw go?”  It’s probably the first real question she has ever asked us.  She is starting to catch on to that whole “subject-verb” thing.  Her other favorite sentences “Papaw go home” and “Papaw ride bike”. 

Happy President’s Day!  Arrivederci long weekend!


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Emmy Cate’s medley of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Elmo’s Song”.  Her favorite thing to sing is “That’s Elmo’s Song!!!” which is at the very end.  When we took the video she was very excited about the Pennies for Patients box she brought home to collect change for sick kids so that was distracting her from her vocal talents!



Lollipop, Lollipop, oh la la Lollipop …

Party planning for EC’s second birthday party is well underway!  No, I’m not kidding … and yes, I am crazy!!!  Here is my inspiration board:

Inspiration Board

It’s going to be bigger and better than last year’s cupcake themed bash seen here and here!  I am currently accepting any and all offers of help!  We will probably need to take out a second mortgage and I’ll have to take a leave of absence from my job to complete all of the projects, but it will get done!  (Kidding Daddy)


Pigtails, puppy dog ears … whatever you want to call them …. Emmy Cate has them and they are too cute!!  I can’t resist a little girl with pigtails! 

Sorry for the bad pic on my phone.  This was right after EC got up on the way to school this morning – she was a little out of it but it was the best I could get!



Blue Sky? What’s that??

This weekend, after we went to the farewell party to see Noah and his ark off, we decided to take Emmy Cate outside since she probably wasn’t able to go outside any day this past week. 

We got a chance to hit up all of the slides ….

smirk at top


And even get in a little golf!  But making funny faces was a lot more fun!!


 cheese count


A Post About Nothing

Because that’s really what we’ve been up to.  And I have no pictures to prove it!!!  Seriously, even the fun things we’ve done over the last month I have no pictures of them. 

Soooo … my solution was to pull the recent pics from my iPhone.  So here is a lot of randomness….

Sliding in the park on a nice day ….


This cracks me up … lounging watching TV with her patent shoes over her pjs!!!


Playing Nintendo with daddy!  And yes, that is the original Nintendo that was dug out of the basement and became Daddy’s toy for all of about 3 days until he beat the game.


And showing off her spanking new Elmo slippers that Daddy bought her!  Mommy doesn’t believe in wearing characters but Daddy couldn’t resist them.  Don’t they go well with her very clashing outfit?  I wish this wasn’t so blurry – love that little look on her face and her pose!!


We have some fun things ahead so I hope to capture some better pics!