Our Little Pumpkin

Since I am so far behind on blogging, I’m not going to spend much time on a write-up.  I know everyone just wants to see the pictures!!  Pumpkin patch, playground, face painting, hayrides, ice cream, seeing friends from Mommy’s work.  Good time had by all!! 




facepaint 1DSC_0115


Happy Halloween!!


Let’s go to the Beach!!

We heard that out of Emmy Cate nonstop for a week or two before our trip!  She was so excited to go where Dora and Boots go!  {I guess she saw an episode about them going to the beach!}  We headed to Sandestin for a long weekend with Mamaw and Papaw in tow.  The car ride down (and back!!) was long but EC hung in there until about the last hour each way. 


First steps in the sand and first look at the beautiful sand and water!  The Gulf has the BEST beaches!!

first steps in the sand

The sand led to dancing …. which led to running and being silly!  Then it was time for first steps in the water!  The water is so warm and clear down there and Emmy Cate took right to it.  She was ready to jump and run in the waves but there was a pretty strong undertow the first day so we had to hold on to her.  She didn’t really care and loved every second of splashing.  I don’t think she cared much for the saltwater taste in her mouth but it certainly didn’t slow her down!

dancing in the sandfirst toes in the water

in the waves

I don’t think this girl could have been much happier!!

running no 1

Papaw buried her in the sand and she loved it!  We tried building sandcastles and had  pretty failed attempt at flying an Elmo kite.  Q: When is there ever no wind on the beach?  A: When you are trying to fly a kite.

buried alivedigging with daddylittle model

We also hit up some of the standard Destin restaurant traditions … Fudpuckers, The Back Porch, The Crab Trap, The Whale’s Tail, and HarborDocks.

fudpuckersin the big chair


swinging in the waves

We even made a little friend, Caroline, at the pool that was a little older than EC.  They had fun swimming together and EC was following her around doing whatever she was doing.  That meant trusting her floaties and being able to “swim” independently in the pool.  So much easier for us!!

pool with friend

We ventured out to play Putt Putt one night, but instead got sidetracked by all of the kiddie rides.

putt putt walking

gorillafish feeding

Emmy Cate rode the carousel and the train, but only attempted the tea cup ride and the swings.  She thought she wanted a ride but when things actually got going, it was a whole other story.  They had to stop rides twice because of her!  Good thing we got the tickets back!!



The place we stayed was gorgeous.  A spacious penthouse condo with wonderful views.  We will definitely stay there again!

view emerald coastview sunset

We all can’t wait to go back!!