Happy Memorial Day!!

We had a full memorial day here and enjoyed having Daddy with us for 3 full days!!  Today, Emmy Cate and I got into our red, white, and blue and we all headed out to lunch at our favorite Mexican spot, El Porton.

EC memorial day 2  

After our yummy food, we headed to the mall to buy Daddy a new grill cover and Emmy Cate took her first carousel ride!  She really liked it and in true Emmy Cate fashion she was standing on top of the elephant by the end of the ride.  Sorry for bad pics – they were taken on my phone.

    EC carousel 1 EC carousel 2

After deciding that the pending thunderstorms were a little ways off, we headed to the Memorial Day celebration at the club pool.  They had plenty of fun things for the kiddos including a large blow up waterslide and moonbounces, etc.  Emmy Cate was too little for those things but we have lots to look forward to in the coming years!! 

She was busy waving at everyone (see pic on left below) and splashing around!  But mostly she wanted to “crabwalk” around on the concrete!  There were a million people there and so you think she would like to sit and watch all of the activity but no, she was super crazy and it took both Nathan and I chasing her around to keep control of her.  And this before she is walking and running around everywhere!  We definitely don’t have a shy child on our hands!!

pool wave pool splash



12 Months!!

We are a little late on posting a 12 month update due to all of the birthday festivities and visiting family, but here is what Emmy Cate is up to lately:

  • Weighs in at 21.7 pounds (50-75%) and 31” long (85-87%), head circumference 45.1 cm (50-75%).  Guess that is why everything is so short on her!
  • Generally wears 12-18 month clothes, size 3-4 shoes (she has little feet!), size 4 diapers
  • Can walk about 3-4 steps
  • Can say the word “Baby” and “Uh huh”.  EVERYTHING is “Uh huh”!!
  • Still drinking about 20 oz. of milk a day, mostly now out of sippy cups in addition to her 3 square meals
  • Favorite foods are cheese, cheese, and more cheese!!  So naturally, grilled cheese are a BIG hit.  Also loves spaghetti, waffles, bananas, strawberries, chicken pot pies, & goldfish.  She is generally not too picky of an eater (at least for a 1 year old) but veggies are still a pretty hard sell!
  • About to pop through a couple more teeth … the Dr. felt them just under the gums at the last appointment and she has been showing signs of teething recently (cough, congestion, irritability)
  • Her new game is peek-a-boo, which she plays by covering her own eyes and the peeks out from behind them as you yell “Peek-a-boo!!”
  • She points and carries on “conversations” about everything, but especially loves airplanes, fans, and balloons!
  • Still practically the same schedule since she was 4 months old (!!!!) – sleeps at night from 8-7, 1.5 hour nap around 10:30-11, and 1 hour nap around 4-5. 

Her latest game is pretending to bite your finger.  She thinks this is soo fun AND she tells you so!  Make sure your sound is turned up enough so you can hear me ask her a question.


Home Improvement

Our latest project was tearing out our weeds grass in the front yard and re-sodding it.  What a difference some grass makes!!

Before shot … lots of weeds …

Grass before

After grading the dirt:


Work in progress ….


Tada!!  Instant front yard!!


Along with some other improvements we’ve done recently … new planters and plants, new front door, new shutters and pressure washing the driveway and stairs … it’s starting to look okay around here …


Emmy Cate approves of the new grass …    

DSC_0518       DSC_0530

… and says “Hey neighbors!!”



1st Birthday – Part 2!!!

entire room

   entire room angle  buffet

Cake table tall

cake close upsmash cake

 front doorconsole tableentryway table  letters close up

merged invite clean        EC hat copy banner

lamp close up plate   

  card brag book

  front door close up present 2 

  blowout close up silverware closeup


1st Birthday - Part 1!!!!

Emmy Cate’s first birthday party was this weekend and it was so much F.U.N.!!  We had the best weekend celebrating with all of our family that came in town and many good friends.  Even though she doesn’t see them as often as she would like, Emmy Cate L.O.V.E.S. her grandparents and can’t get enough of them!! 

A couple of days before the party Emmy Cate got dressed up and we got some cute pictures of her. 

Look Mom, I’m turning “1”!!!

EC birthday phot shoot I'm 1 copy

EC birthday photo shoot sassy over shoulder copy   Ec birthday photo shoot golf course copy copy

On to the party …

Before all of the guests arrived, Emmy Cate was happy to entertain her cousins with her wild behavior and constant motion.  I think they could watch her play for hours!!

 DSC_0129   DSC_0173    DSC_1334   DSC_0179  DSC_0142   DSC_0189   DSC_0196



DSC_0228 DSC_0230

Time to sing Happy Birthday ……

Dad, these candles look cool but I don’t know if I want to eat them … 


Ok, I’m going in ….


Hmmm, I got a little taste, this isn’t too bad ….


It’s on now ….


But Daddy couldn’t stand the mess and the fact that I was slinging and throwing it all on the wall, so soon after this he cleaned me up!!


A couple of pictures with Mom and Dad ….. but PLEASE take this bow off of my head guys ….



Yay!!  Time to open all of my wonderful presents!!!

DSC_0281 DSC_0294

DSC_0300 DSC_0304 

These new toys are so fun!!!

EC ride toy

DSC_0385  DSC_0364 

Besides all of the wonderful birthday fun, Emmy Cate also decided to take her first steps with EVERYONE at the party watching her AND she said her first real word - “Baby”!!  It was pretty amazing, she has been so close to taking steps all week but just wouldn’t quite go for it.  As everyone was gathered around to watch us open presents, she stood and and reached for daddy and walked a couple of steps!  (She is taking her first steps in the picture on the bottom left of the 4 pics above where we are opening presents)

Dede gave her a babydoll for her birthday and the next morning I held it up to her and she said “Baby”!  From then on, she is so proud to practice this new word!!  She also says “uh huh” to show that she likes something but that’s not a real word.  :))

We are so grateful for everyone who helped out with her party and for all those who came to celebrate with us and for all of the wonderful gifts. 

Happy Birthday Emmy Cate!!!