Beat the Heat

To be able to deal with this heat and humidity, we played in the backyard today with the sprinkler and baby pool.  Emmy Cate still adores anything to do with water and just jumps in to the pool and runs right through the sprinkler.

EC sprinkler 1EC sprinkler 2

Then she got nailed in the head with one of the stronger sprays …. it surprised her!!  She made some of the greatest faces – this was Nathan’s favorite.  It almost looks like she was crying but she wasn’t, she was just shocked!

EC sprinkler 3

While we were drying her off, she decided she liked her “freedom”!!!

EC nekkid censored


DeDe said...

Glad she loves the water - I would like to have been in the sprinkler today myself!!!

Anonymous said...

SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! The faces she makes that you guys capture are priceless.

Sally said...

Love those first 2 pics, looks like she's have a blast!