Look Familiar?

Someone we know very well’s picture on the left, you know who on the right …

nathan   DSC02212


North Carolina Debut

This past weekend we headed to North Carolina to visit Nathan’s family.  Our little munchkin did really well, sleeping both ways on the 4 hour ride.  She also had her 3 month “birthday” while we were there!

Crepe Myrtle

Her grandparents held an open house on Sunday afternoon and Emmy Cate met more relatives and family friends than we can count, including her new cousins, Macy and Makayla, who were 10 days old.  Emmy Cate looks like a giant next to them!!  We did try to weigh her and estimate her to weigh 14.5 pounds already!  Thanks to everyone who came to meet Miss Emmy Cate.  It was great to see you all!

DSC02148 (2) 

She got in lots of cuddle time with her grandparents, especially Papaw, who we think has a career as a nanny after he retires!  I think it’s safe to say that Emmy Cate already has him wrapped around her little finger!!  Once he buys her that pony that she has been wanting, she will come to visit all of the time! 


She is changing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new things she learns everyday!!  She has started batting at and grabbing toys, mostly on her playmat and in her bouncy seat.  It won’t be long before she is grabbing everything in sight including hair, jewelry and just everything and putting it in her mouth!!  That is one stage I hope she doesn’t stay in long!!  Also, she has started rubbing her little eyes when she is sleepy, which is really cute.  Most importantly she has really started working on sitting up, mainly just throwing her weight around when she is in a sitting position trying to stabilize herself.  I work with her everyday to encourage her to sit up and to bear weight on her legs.  She has to catch up with her cousin Atticus, who is exactly one month older than Emmy Cate!!  See what he can do:


It’s here ….

The new blog is done!!  We are super excited to share it with everyone!!  One of the best features is the ability to comment on the posts.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, you can click on the line under each individual post that says “0 Comments” (or “1 comment” etc depending on if anyone has made a comment yet) and leave us some feedback on the posts!  You don’t have to sign in but make sure to leave your name so we know who left the comment!  We would love to hear back from everyone on the new format and in future posts as well!!

Also, the photo albums are now on the left sidebar, and there is a “Contact Me” button to send us an email. 

Thanks to Katie at The Polka Dot Pig for the awesome web design!!


The Rollover Video

We are so excited to have caught Emmy Cate on video rolling over!!  Sometimes you can't begin to get her to do it and then other days she will not stop!!  We have so many posts to catch up on from the past week and also we will be debuting the new site, so check back soon for that!!  We are so proud of our little girl changing everyday and she has done so much in the last week!  After getting in lots of practice rolling over, she has now started rubbing her eyes when she is sleepy, reaching for and grabbing objects on her playmat, and starting to work on sitting up!



Family Pics!

Mom came into town for a few days and we turned her into our photographer to take some family photos.  Emmy Cate will be 3 months old in a couple of days and we realized how fast she is growing so we needed to get some pictures before she is walking!!  Haha!!  We are headed to North Carolina this weekend for her debut so we will post some updates when we get back in town!




Emmy Cate can Roll!

Big news today!  Emmy Cate learned how to roll over!!  She went with the unconventional approach of learning to roll back to front first, but we are proud of her for getting the hard part over with!!  She worked so hard all day to learn how to do it and at one point, she wore herself flat out!  I left her on her playmat for a minute and when I came back she was sound asleep mid-roll!  Too funny!  We have video of the big event as well that we will get posted soon!



New Blog Coming Soon!!

We are very excited that we will be debuting a new website design soon!!  It is currently in the works, but the new functionality will allow for people to comment on posts and subscribe to the "blog" so that they will get notifications of updates.  It should also be easier to post updates on our end as well.  And last of all, the graphics and format will be completely different and totally custom!  Can't wait to share it with everyone!!


Big Girl!

Two nights ago, Emmy Cate graduated from sleeping in her bassinet to her big girl room!!  She has been sleeping through the night now since she was 7 weeks so we figured it was about time to move her since she will be 12 weeks already this week!!  So far, she LOVES being in her room and her cozy crib!  She has kept her same nighttime routine which is bedtime between 9-10, wake up between 6-7 to eat, and back to sleep again until she finally gets up between 9-10 in the morning!!  She is a wonderful sleeper!!

Her grandparents didn't like the idea of her being upstairs all alone so they bought her a video monitor so mommy and daddy could watch over her!  Here is her slumbering in her crib and also a shot of what we see on the monitor.  It's pretty neat!

     IMG00147                            DSC02166


Catching Some Rays!!

Emmy Cate had another first today!!  Ok, so I know she has never done ANYTHING as of 2 months ago and we are her parents so we get super excited over anything new!!  But, it was super cute today when Mommy took EC to the pool!!  She had her Huggies Little Swimmers on and she was stylin' in her cute little suit, hat, and her sunglasses!!  She loves the water and really enjoyed her dip in the baby pool.

               DSC02152 DSC02157




"Mamaw and Papaw" (names still TBD!!  :)  ) were here this past weekend and got in lots of cuddle time with Emmy Cate.  Papaw pretty much lulled her to sleep the second he got here and they took a nice long nap together!



Chatty Cathy

Emmy Cate has A LOT to say these days!!  Here is a video of some of her playtime!