Emmy Cate had a really fun Halloween!  She got to hang out with DeDe and Pro and eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant, El Porton.  Even though it has poured rain all day, she still went trick-or-treating out in the neighborhood and also got to see all the cute trick-or-treaters that came by the house!!  She is the cutest little “bug” we know!!

Halloween {Hanging with DeDe and Pro after a delicious Lunch Special #10!!}

DSC00738 DSC00745

    {Emmy Cate making her debut}                           {Trick-r-treating in the rain :(}



{The Fam}


Roll, Roll, Roll Your Kid …. Gently on the Rug

Well, Emmy Cate finally decided that she was tired of only being able to roll only one direction and it was hindering her mobility.  We have seen her rolling all directions in her crib lately but when it comes to her “stage” (our living room floor), she simply would not perform.  We have enticed her with many toys and she finally decided that the temptation was too great.  She still needs a little practice to get a smooth landing!!


Our Little Pumpkin

Emmy Cate is all set for Halloween next weekend.  We are keeping her costume a secret and we will definitely post her little mug in her adorable costume next weekend!!  For now, she is all dressed up in the Halloween spirit!!  Of course, she wouldn’t cooperate and give us any smiles because she was so busy playing with her little baby punkin’ but we still got some cute pics!!





5 Months

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Can you believe I’m already 5 months old?  I’m 16 pounds and 27 inches long now.  That means I’m a really tall little girl (>97 percentile!)!!   I get my height from Daddy!  :)  It is amazing what I have learned in my short little life.  It really seems like each day or two I learn something new.  I mean, I really love that stinky, milky-looking stuff you give me in that thing with the nipple attached, but man, this clumpy, grayish stuff you are feeding me on that metal stick is AWESOME!  I think I heard dad refer to it as oatmeal the day you switched me from rice cereal after you decided I wasn’t taking to that very well.  And you don’t think I’m a good listener but I heard you tell daddy that I get REAL food starting very soon …. something called peas and naners or something like that.  I’m sure it will be delicious!  Right now, I still get excited when I see my bottle, and I love to grab it and stick it in my mouth!

Speaking of delicious, everything I can grab and put in my mouth is just that!!  Wow, these things on the ends of my arms work G.R.E.A.T.!  I am a tiny bit shy of having total coordination to grab everything before you can stop me but boy, this is going to get really interesting in the next few weeks. 

Oh and I also heard you telling someone how you got me on a schedule, but seriously, let’s be clear around here … I rule the roost and I can tell you a thing or two about schedules.  I would like to walk you through my day:

8:00 – Wake up

8:30 – Eat some yummy oatmeal

9:00 – Bottle time!

9:30- 10:30 – Go with mommy to the gym!

11:00-1:00 – Naptime!

1:00-5:00 – PLAYTIME, YAY and run errands with Mommy!!

5:00-6:00 – Naptime again!

7:00 – Bathtime!

8:00 – Bedtime!!

6:00 am – Yes, I usually get up and suck down an entire bottle, but I go right back to sleep.  Seriously, people, I sleep 12 hours a night EVERY night… a girl likes a bottle after 10 hours … what more do you want from me??!!  :)

Playtime is fun now because I no longer just have to lay on my back (that’s for babies!!  ;) ) and so I’ve really been working hard on sitting up.  I’m getting pretty strong and will be able to do it on my own soon.  Right now, you guys still help me keep from toppling over.  I can sit up well in my jumper seat and my exersaucer though!  Another thing I love is standing up.  Wow, this is the best trick yet!  I will pretty much stand until you make me sit.  I like the view from up there!   Other than that, I’m just working on controlling you laughing and pushing up on my arms so I can crawl.

I hope the next month is as exciting as the last 5 have been!


Emmy Cate

P.S.  Did I mention that I L.O.V.E. it when you guys sing to me, but this thing you call “cry it out” really stinks!!  Just sayin’.

Here I am practicing sitting up!

DSC02397 DSC02400


The beginning of the end of the bottle

We recently introduced the “sippy” cup to EC.  She definitely has the coordination to grab it and get it in her mouth but her first instinct was to chew on the spout.  It’s a nice rubbery spout great for her gums and teething! 

DSC02382 {What’s this thing mom?  No problem, I’m going in ….}


DSC02377 {Doesn’t look like a bottle, doesn’t feel like a bottle, doesn’t taste like a bottle ….}


DSC02375 {OMG, you filled this with beer!  Sweet!!}


Mommy!! Naptime is O.V.E.R.!!

Here is how I find Emmy Cate in her crib most days after her nap.  How will we ever be able to say “NO” to this face??!! 

EC crib



That’s right … F.I.N.A.L.L.Y we got some giggles!!  Naturally, it all started when Daddy was asking Emmy Cate if she wanted to help us outside get the first leaves up!!??  He started demonstrating to her the sound of the leaf blower … VRROOOOMMMMMM!!!  This was further explained to her with the use of hand motions.  Apparently, the fine mechanics of power tools was all that she needed to get her going!!  It is adorable!!  I think the giggles beat out the first smiles as the cutest trick! 

We don’t yet have her on video laughing, but here is a trip to the park:


Fall is in the air

This past weekend, Mamaw and Papaw Childers came to visit Miss Emmy Cate.  Since they hadn’t seen her for 6 weeks, they were very surprised with all of her new tricks!!  We had a great weekend filled with lots of activities to keep our little girl busy!  First, we started off the day on Saturday with some yummy rice cereal and EC was happy to have a large audience so she could ham it up and entertain everyone!!

EC highchair

We headed out to buy some pansies and mums to spruce up our crib, and tried to get EC to sit pretty amongst a sea of pumpkins but she was having none of it.  Apparently, her hands and feet were soooooooo interesting at that exact moment!  Here she is debating the merits of her big toe!!


She did manage to squeeze in some time to “stop and smell the roses uhhh… pansies” with Daddy.  Best to learn the fine points of gardening at a young age!

EC flowers

After that, we headed to the park to let her run around {we wish!!  haha!!} swing for a bit.  It was a gorgeous afternoon!!  Even Papaw and Daddy got in some of that action showing their skills on the monkey bars!

Last, but not least, EC had to debut a new trick over the weekend, which was standing up!!  This cracks us up because she is sooo proud of herself!!  Here is a great video of her right before her bath.  She can’t get enough of herself!! 


Book Emmy Cate for your next gig!

Here she is modeling the latest in baby gear … a lovely Sassy doorway jumper!  Seriously, couldn’t she be on the box advertising how much fun this product is?!!