Teetee in Potty!!

That’s right!  Not only has Emmy Cate been saying this a lot lately but she has been acting on it as well!  We only got her a princess potty a few weeks ago and just slowly started mentioning using it.  We also got her the Elmo Potty Time DVD for Christmas.  Last week, she sure enough sat right down and went!  We heaped lavish praise on her, her potty played her a little ditty and EC was as pleased as punch at herself.  We thought it might have been a complete fluke but that’s until she did it 3 nights in a row!!!  We haven’t had any successes the past couple of days (only one accident next to the potty) but she at least is starting down that path!

Great Job Emmy Cate!!



Christmas Morning

… if anyone still even cares at this point!  I’m behind on posts, but not too behind because since the holidays, we haven’t really done all that much.  Anyway, here goes …

She was mesmerized by all of her gifts coming down the stairs (with a wet head after a much needed morning bath.  We won’t go into why that was but just know it was for the best) …

first look

Guess I would be too if I came downstairs to all of this ….

EC's loot

She made a beeline for all of her toys and probably loved her Cozy Coupe the best.  She had to put each of her new toys in it with her and attempt to shut the door.  First Elmo … then Mickey …. and then came the frustration when they ALL didn’t fit!

EC elmo in carEC mickey in car

But there was plenty more to discover …. Baby Alive …. her stocking full of goodies, including the Lifesaver books my brother and I used to get as kids …. and many, many more toys, games, dvds, clothes, etc.

EC baby alive EC daddy present

She also got into the spirit of ripping open her own gifts ….

EC daddy present 2   

But still loved to give gifts as well ….

EC passing presents   








After plenty of gift giving, eating, and playing with new toys, we watched the snow start falling in Atlanta most of the afternoon and into the night.  It was the first White Christmas in the city in 118 years!!!

snowy houseLit house


Snowpocalypse 2011

Enough said.  This week was brutal here in Atlanta.  5 straight days of ice and snow.  5 straight days of closed schools …. and basically a closed city.  I’m talking the mail didn’t run, no trash pickup, nothing open …. nothing.  I won’t go in to all of the specifics but let’s just saw this week brought half a paycheck spent on extra childcare, a 2 night hotel stay for me (yes, in my own city), 5 straight days of EC being snowed in and bouncing off the walls, and a 2 hour snail crawl through traffic to finally get home.  What a week!!

EC loved the white stuff!  At first she wasn’t sure what to think …..


And then she thought it was pretty cool … but she felt a bit like the kid from A Christmas Story due to all of the clothes that Daddy piled on her (good Daddy)!  And her lovely baggie mittens to keep her hands dry!


Then we decided to see how it would taste …


But the very best part was all the attention from Daddy!! 


{P.S.  Mommy is sooo behind on the blog and promises a post on Christmas Morning really soon!}