Friday Finds

Emmy Cate and I were bored today and decided to do what we do best – SHOP!!!  Here are a few things we are lusting over …

      Friday want 1 copy Friday want 2

Friday want 4

And since it wouldn’t be a post without a picture of EC … I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop and here is my latest transformation …

                Original Photo                                                                   Edited Photo


I’m starting to get the hang of making good pics with Photoshop, but I’m still limited with a pretty sucky camera.  :(   By the time I get really great with editing, maybe I’ll get a new camera (hint, hint husband!)  ;) 

Have a good weekend!!


Movin’ and a Shakin’

Emmy Cate finally got that coordination together and decided to get moving!!  She is a proud new crawler!!  She is still slow but we are TOTALLY fine with that because it means she can’t go far!!  Which means less retrieval from Mommy and Daddy!!  She has actually learned a few new tricks recently.  I always say good things come in three, so here goes:

1. Standing unassisted and balancing for a few seconds

2. Getting to a sitting position from laying down

3. Crawling!!

4. Ok, now that I think about it, maybe there is a 4th!!  She pulls up in her crib and kneels there peering through the bars when we come to get her.  It was cute until she started throwing her pacis over the edge and pulling the camera from the video monitor down!!  :)

Here is the video we shot of practically the first time we saw her first few “crawls” …


8 Months Old!!

Our little girl turns 8 months old today!  It’s pretty hard to believe that she is well closer to being a year old than to being a newborn!  I’m already having to think about her first birthday party!  It will be here before you know it!  Here is what she is up to lately:

1. Estimated weight 19.5 lbs (75-90%), estimated height 28.5 (90-95%) inches.  Wearing 12 months clothes and size 3 shoes.

2. EVERYTHING is “Ba ba ba ba ba ba”

4. Trying to wave but hasn’t totally caught on!

5. Trying sooo hard to crawl.  She can get on her hands and knees and inch forward with her legs but hasn’t completely gotten it coordinated yet.

6. Eating 3 meals a day, still about 24 ounces of formula and 6-7 jars of food a day (of course, this depends on how big the jars are!  Usually about 7-10 oz of food at each meal).

7. Still sleeping 8-8ish … this has been a point of contention lately since she is trying to get up earlier :( , taking a nap from 11-1 and another nap from 4 or 5 – 5 or 6.

8. Obsessed with getting the kitty!!  He is in trouble when she is crawling!

Here is a video shot on my phone of a “conversation” we had recently!



DC meets ATL!!

Our friends Jen and Dewi came in town for the long weekend to meet Emmy Cate and try to escape to a warmer climate!!  Well, they only accomplished one of the two, but we still all had a great time!

Jen Dewi EC 

We went to Bass Pro Shops and they have a huge aquarium there.  Emmy Cate was mesmerized by all of the fishies!  We can’t wait to take her to the Atlanta aquarium to see penguins, dolphins, whales and more!!

Jen Dewi at Bass Pro


Our Little Billygoat!

This little girl is no stranger to eating and she will eat A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!  Just hand it to her and it goes straight to mouth, no questions asked whatsoever!!  Give her a second helping and she never refuses it!!  And she will not STOP eating!!  Her dad is convinced that she is a bottomless pit and would never turn away food.  She has tried everything from chicken wings (ok, not the bones!) to pasta to avocados.  We nicknamed her our billygoat because they will eat just about anything (including wallpaper straight off the walls as my grandfather once infamously told us a story about!)  Delish!

emmy peas and carrotsemmy yogurt

Happy Friday!!


Busy, Busy Ball Popper

I’m afraid I don’t have a very exciting update.  With the weather like it is (can we say HIGHs in the 20s!!) and with snow and ice, there isn’t a lot to do and we’ve been forced to stay inside.  We thought we escaped that kind of weather when we moved back South!!  Since we’ve had so much indoor time, Emmy Cate has really been into her new toys that Santa brought her and her favorite is the Busy Ball Popper.  Here is a quick clip of her playing the other night (I shot on my phone, hence the poorer quality)!

January and February are the WORST months!!  There is really nothing good about them (ok, minus my dad’s birthday, which is pretty much in March anyways!)!!  Before the end of the year I was juggling the holidays and holiday travel, gift buying, party planning for my parent’s surprise anniversary, scrapbook making for my parents anniversary, and keeping up with EC and the house.  But while I am glad to have some time to relax now, it’s gotten a bit boring around here.  Most of you know this, but I’m currently looking for a job so that is priority #1.  But besides that, I don’t have any “projects” to keep me busy so I’m scheming up a new little project.

I’m thinking of creating another blog … a fashion blog.  Truth is, I’ve kind of gotten obsessed with blogging and reading other people’s blogs!  I mostly read either “mommy” blogs or fashion blogs.  Here is one of my favorite fashion blogs: http://www.thechloeconspiracy.com/.  I already have a “mommy” blog, so why not create a fashion blog?  Afterall, it is one of my favorite subjects.  Plus, the larger fashion bloggers have started to get noticed by retailers and companies actually send them free stuff in hopes of getting a mention on their blog!!  How amazing would that be?  Not that I would expect to reach such status, but hey!!  Anyways, stay tuned if I decide to do it ….


Soooo close …

Emmy Cate has been a busy bee honing her crawling skills these days!  I wanted to get in a few last videos before she gets mobile!  It’s pretty cute when you can tell she has her mind set on crawling because she gets a serious face and pokes her little bottom lip out!  Then she puts her head down and contemplates things just a little more!   It won’t be long now ….



7 months old!!

I’m a little behind in posting due to the holidays, but Emmy Cate turned 7 months!!  Our 6 month pediatrician appointment ended up being a few days before her 7 month birthday, so here are the all-important stats:  She was 17 3/4 pounds (75-80%) and 27.5” (80%) and her head circumference was 43 cm (50%).  So she has stopped growing quite as fast and is not quite as big for her age as she was at her last appointment.  She got 5 wonderful shots, inluding H1N1 and the regular flu shot so hopefully we have a well baby this winter!!

Here is what she has been up to lately:

1. Shaking her head, although she doesn’t yet know what it means

2. She understands the word “kitty” and will look around for Bits whenever we say it.  She also understands what the remote control will do so when you pick it up, she automatically looks at the TV.

3. She is eating 3 bottles a day (about 24 ozs.) and about 6-7 jars of baby food!  She is a very healthy eater and her only real dislikes so far are bananas!  Her favorites are yogurt and oatmeal, apricots, carrots, chicken, turkey, and the cheddar corn puff gerber graduates.  She isn’t really into bottles anymore and much prefers solids.  She is getting the sippy cup thing down, but she still has a way to go before mastering it!

4. Still sleeping from 8-8, not waking up any longer for any bottles (yay for good sleep for mom and dad!!), then taking two good 1.5 – 2 hour naps a day.

5. Smiling, smiling, smiling!  You just look at her and she is grinning!!  If you get the camera out, then you get even bigger smiles!!



Merry Christmas!! (McD style)

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with the McDaniel/Reams/Rich side of the family!  Emmy Cate got plenty of attention from everyone and she met her cousin Sara for the first time. 

Fam at Christmas

LDEC Portrait Christmas  Sara Sally EC Christmas

EC opened more presents from DeDe and Pro, Uncle Ben and Aunt Meredith, and Santa.  I think her favorite thing was a ball popper toy that Santa brought her!  In, fact, it was also Bits’ favorite as well!!  She also got some other toys, clothes, and a shopping cart cover.

We made good use of our basement remodel-in-progress and had the perfect indoor arena to continue the tradition of family Beer Pong and even EC got into the action!!  She was on daddy’s team and her little cups were filled with milk!  Kidding, she only helped Daddy out with his aim! 

DSC02838 DSC02842

Later in the week, we headed out to World of Coke, the Coca Cola Museum.  Emmy Cate had an absolute blast and no doubt her favorite part was the cuddly Coke Polar Bear!  He was really adorable and he held Emmy Cate and batted his eyelashes at her.  She couldn’t get enough of him and just cooed and smiled and laughed!  When we had to leave for the next group to get their picture made, she was squirming in our arms and reaching out to the Polar Bear! 


DSC02849 DSC02852