Her Future’s So Bright …

We went for a long walk today and it was so sunny, Emmy Cate had to break out her shades!! She has to prove she can take care of those first before her first pair of Chanel or Gucci!



2 Month Doctor Visit

Emmy Cate had her 2 month check-up today.  She is doing great!!  She had put on a few pounds ... she is up to 11 lbs., 6 ozs.!!  That puts her right in the 50-75 percentile.  But the big news is that she grew 2.5 inches in the past month!  At her one month check-up she was 21 and a quarter and now she is 23 and three quarters, which is in the 90-95 percentile.  That means she is going to be tall and skinny!!  Mom thinks modeling is in her future.  Daddy thinks that she is going to outgrow him very soon!!

On the downside, she had to have 4 shots and take two medicine droppers of stuff by mouth!  It was absolutely terrible to watch her little face through all of it.  She screamed like crazy and had real tears!  :(  Poor baby.

We also just got a Bumbo seat for her and tried it out ... here are a couple of silly pics of her!




We were able to catch some of those smiles on film yesterday!!


Smiley Girl

Smiles!!  Emmy Cate is full of them!!  Which is great since she is two months old today!!



Congrats Captain Childers!!

Nathan finally had his promotion ceremony today to be promoted to the rank of Captain in the Army National Guard.  My mom, Emmy Cate, and I attended the ceremony and then went to lunch to celebrate!

4 at promo ceremony      DSC02109


Fourth of July

Emmy Cate's first Fourth of July was a blast!  We went with our neighbors, the Schweitzers, to the Club (Country Club of the South is the golf course that we live on) for the 4th of July celebration.  The Club had a great barbecue and a pretty amazing fireworks show!! 

DSC02066    DSC02075



Memphis “Sip and See”

Still trying to catch up on posts!!  While we were in Memphis, my mom held a "Sip and See" for her friends to come meet Emmy Cate!!  Everyone enjoyed great food and a cocktail while Emmy Cate enjoyed her pacifier!!



Memphis Visit

I've been a little slack at posting updates, so I'm going to do my best to catch up over the next few days.  We have been out of town for a while, visiting my family in Memphis for a week.  We had a great visit and Emmy Cate got to meet her great grandmother for the
first time!  The pic below is Emmy Cate and Mamaw McDaniel (Lauren's grandmother on her dad's side).