Merry Christmas!!! (Childers’ Style)

We are back from our unexpectedly long visit in North Carolina!  As mentioned before, we ended up travelling there on Sunday due to the blizzard in DC, and so we were able to spend a few extra days visiting family and friends.  Mamaw had lots of new toys for Emmy Cate to play with, even prior to Christmas morning. 

  EC jumper Christmas

On the night before Christmas Eve, EC had dinner with the Childers’ side of the family, and opened her first official Christmas gift.  Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out very well.  Here is the best we have:


On Christmas Eve, we headed over to EC’s great-grandmother’s to celebrate with the Smith side of the family.  But first, we took some time out to take a family picture!!

Fam in front of treeIt took a couple of tries to get a good shot!  Ever since EC’s little toother has been coming in (or maybe it’s just her silly little personality!!), she makes all kinds of funny faces.  Case in    point …

EC funny face   

She was quite the entertainer while we were there, mainly running around in circles with her walker and enjoying lots of attention from all of her relatives!  Papaw and Daddy took a minute to pose for a pic as well:

And not to be outdone, Great Uncle Terry posed with all three babies ….

  And it wouldn’t be a visit to NC without the obligatory 3 baby shot!!

Of course, in pictures, EC looks all sweet and calm, but here she is caught in the act of her usual shenanigans!!  Don’t get me wrong, she is sweet, but calm she is not!!  :)

EC Christmas stereo

On Christmas morning, EC opened gifts along with Macy and Makayla at Mamaw and Papaw’s house.  I love the look on EC’s face in this shot where Mandy is showing Macy one of her presents!!

EC and Macy opening gifts

Then it was on to spend Christmas with the McDaniel family back in Atlanta … more to come!!


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