Turkey Day!!!

We had a great time visiting family in Memphis over the long Thanksgiving weekend!  We were busy, busy, busy and the time flew by!!  Emmy Cate met her uncle and aunt, Ben and Meredith, and her cousins Molly Claire (2 and 1/2) and Atticus (7 months) for the first time!! 


She and Atticus hit it off and they loved to play on the floor together.  Atticus also enjoyed all of the new toys that Emmy Cate brought!! 


Atticus is quite the ham and loves to smile, giggle, and roll around on the floor.  He is the typical little boy and loved to roughhouse!!!  Emmy Cate held her own though and was able to participate in a serious eye poking competition!!

DSC02607 DSC02609

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and quite a full table with 3 kiddos!!  Here is Emmy Cate at her first Thanksgiving dinner!!  She didn’t get any turkey this year, but she did get to taste a little bit of lemon icebox pie and some mashed potatoes – yum!!



We also had a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents, so more to come on that later …


DeDe said...

Great post - loved all the pics of my grandbabies!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children. They are all so adorable and look like they had a ball together. Molly Claire has really grown and Atticus and Emmy Cate are growing so fast also. I know your dad and mom really enjoyed having everyone there. Hope their anniversary celebration went well. I'm sure it was a lot of fun too. Love you all.