Our little Frequent Flier and Blizzard 2009!!!

Last week, Emmy Cate took her first airplane trip!  Her parents are happy to report that she did very well!  We were lucky to have gone to the pediatrician earlier in the week and she prescribed some numbing ear drops in case EC had trouble with her ears.  They worked like a charm on the descent. 


As mentioned before, we were up in DC for Nathan’s company Christmas party, which was Friday night.  We were supposed to leave Saturday and head home, but umm, yeah, that didn’t even begin to happen!  Even as of Friday morning, all flights Saturday were canceled.  We were rebooked on a flight for Sunday, but as the storm wore on, most flights on Sunday were also canceled.  The blizzard proceeded to drop record-breaking amounts of snow on the whole east coast, including DC where we saw 17” fall!!

EC in snow 

After several flight cancellations and re-bookings, we decided to rent a car and drive down to North Carolina to Nathan’s family’s a few days early.  What an adventure to be able to tell Emmy Cate about when she gets older!!

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