Life as Bits knows it is O.V.E.R.

Bits better watch out because Emmy Cate is on the loose and she is gunning for him every chance she gets!!  She has figured out the walker and her favorite activity is chasing “kitty”!!  She can really get going down our long hallway, but when she hits a roadblock, she is still stumped as to how to turn around or maneuver in another direction.  She has gotten unstuck a couple of times now, so I think once she learns that, we are in trouble!  Here is what we hear around the house … pitter patter pitter patter …. then …..  BAM!! as she hits a wall or the Christmas decorations!! 

{P.S. Ignore the mess in the dining room – we were putting up Christmas decorations!! :) } 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful - She is a real energetic little girl. I love how happy she seems getting around by herself. 2 weeks - YEAH!