Merry Christmas!! (McD style)

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with the McDaniel/Reams/Rich side of the family!  Emmy Cate got plenty of attention from everyone and she met her cousin Sara for the first time. 

Fam at Christmas

LDEC Portrait Christmas  Sara Sally EC Christmas

EC opened more presents from DeDe and Pro, Uncle Ben and Aunt Meredith, and Santa.  I think her favorite thing was a ball popper toy that Santa brought her!  In, fact, it was also Bits’ favorite as well!!  She also got some other toys, clothes, and a shopping cart cover.

We made good use of our basement remodel-in-progress and had the perfect indoor arena to continue the tradition of family Beer Pong and even EC got into the action!!  She was on daddy’s team and her little cups were filled with milk!  Kidding, she only helped Daddy out with his aim! 

DSC02838 DSC02842

Later in the week, we headed out to World of Coke, the Coca Cola Museum.  Emmy Cate had an absolute blast and no doubt her favorite part was the cuddly Coke Polar Bear!  He was really adorable and he held Emmy Cate and batted his eyelashes at her.  She couldn’t get enough of him and just cooed and smiled and laughed!  When we had to leave for the next group to get their picture made, she was squirming in our arms and reaching out to the Polar Bear! 


DSC02849 DSC02852


prettyinprintnet said...

we had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. ec ruled the beer pong table. i still can't believe elick won the arts and crafts game... not cool. thanks for hosting us!

Ben ane Mere said...

I wish we could have made it this year! It looks like you all had so much fun. Hopefully we can reconvene teh family get together sometime this summer. Atticus and Emmy can keep each other occupied and let us have grown-up fun!