It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ….

Recently, we got Emmy Cate all dolled up to take some Christmas pictures under the tree, mainly to use for our Christmas card.  We were planning to get pics with Santa, but then we all got terribly sick and decided that our tree at home would work just fine!  We still plan to get the Santa pics too, but we needed to get those Christmas cards out!!  :) Anyway, Emmy Cate had just woken up from a long nap and was a very happy girl eager to get her picture taken!!  Of course, that is until she realized what was behind her!!  After she caught sight of the tree, it was all over!!

Here is the first take with a headband on …. but it was a little too big …


This was outfit #2 … at this point she was loosing focus and kept laughing and looking a little too happy!!  Ok, so that’s not really possible ….


Then she spotted the tree and lost total focus once she saw all of the pretty lights and sparkly ornaments …


So we tried distracting her with a present to unwrap ….


But by that point, she was a goner!!  So we went back to one of the very first photos ….

EC Christmas Card

Happy 1st Christmas to our little girl!!

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! She is so good at posing and the pics are great. Thanks for always sending updates. I miss that great smile and cuddleing from the week-end.
It was so good to get to spend time with you and her.