Yummy, yummy, yummy … she’s got REAL food in her tummy

Emmy Cate has graduated from rice cereal and oatmeal on to yummy 1st foods!!  So far, she has tried sweet potatoes, peaches, and carrots and she seems to love them all!!  Next up are pears, squash, bananas, and green beans.  She is such a good eater too and will open wide for most bites.  She is eating twice a day now (morning and evening) and she really gets in to the evening feedings!  She is also mesmerized by anyone eating in front of her and will open her mouth and make smacking noises at the mere sight of food!  She is a mess … literally!!

EC food {Yummy, mommy … I *think* some is going in my mouth}

EC spoon

{Just to be sure I’m getting some, let me give you a hand}

EC messy

{See what happens after I get ahold of the spoon!!}


Grandma (Pam) said...

Those are difinitely the funnest pictures yet. She is beautiful even with food all over her face. I can't wait to see her eat this week-end. Really looking forward to you all coming and just so excited. Love to all of you. Mom C.

Shannon said...

Love your blog, Lauren! Emmy Cate is precious :) I'm sure I will stop by frequently during my morning blog reading time!

DeDe said...

And after I said no pics with food all over her!!! She is cute anyway.

Sally said...

Emmy Cate, don't worry i'll take up for you - next time i see your mom and dad looking like slobs I will take their picture and post it on face book :-)