Half a Year Old!!

Wow, where did the time go?  How is it possible that you are closer to being a year old than to being a squishy little newborn?? 

Here are some highlights from your 6th month:

1. You are eating about 28 oz of formula (4 times a day) and 1 and 1/2 jars of baby food.  However, the past couple of days, you have eaten 2 jars at one meal so I think we are going to have to move up on the baby food!!

3. You are still a G.R.E.A.T. sleeper, sleeping for 12 hours a night and staying on your same nap schedule for the last couple of months.

4. You can easily roll over both ways and love to roll around anywhere playing with toys.  You have been pulling your knees up under you alot recently, but no crawling yet!

5. You don’t seem really interested in sitting up.  Even though it’s clear that you can do it, you just don’t want to!!  You are WAY TOO ACTIVE to want to sit still for a minute and would rather be rolling around on the floor.

6.  You recognize your name and will respond to someone calling you.

Here is EC trying out her walker, a lovely Jeep!



Anonymous said...

Great update and beautiful picture. She is so adorable. Can wait to see her and you both soon. Take care and hope you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING! Our love to your family too. I love you all.
Grandma Pam

DeDe said...

I can't wait for her to drive that thing right over to our house for Thanksgiving - see you real soon!
DeDe & Pro

Sally said...

Jeep!! what next :-)