Emmy Cate had a really fun Halloween!  She got to hang out with DeDe and Pro and eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant, El Porton.  Even though it has poured rain all day, she still went trick-or-treating out in the neighborhood and also got to see all the cute trick-or-treaters that came by the house!!  She is the cutest little “bug” we know!!

Halloween {Hanging with DeDe and Pro after a delicious Lunch Special #10!!}

DSC00738 DSC00745

    {Emmy Cate making her debut}                           {Trick-r-treating in the rain :(}



{The Fam}


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! She is the "CUTEST LITTLE BUG IN THE WORLD". Her looks are so sweet in all the pictures. She is a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful, loving and caring Dad & Mom. And you both are just as lucky to have such a wonderful, beautiful, sweet and healthy little girl. We love you all. Hello to Dee Dee and Pro. Love, Mom C.

Sally said...

Oh My, I thought the first costume was the halloween costume! Say hello to dede and pro, i know they're having fun with EC, and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER!

prettyinprintnet said...

so cute... i could just squish her like a bug!