North Carolina Fall Trip

Emmy Cate had a great trip up to North Carolina to visit family this past weekend.  It is becoming VERY clear that she does NOT enjoy road trips (she takes after mom here!) so the car rides were a little rough this time.  But once she was there, she had a great time being entertained by friends and family.  She got in lots of playtime with the other kiddos, her cousins Macy and Makayla. 

EC Exersaucer

Loving the Exersaucer!


3 babies w L and N

3 kids looks good on us, right?  :)


Ec w M and M sitting up

Hanging out with the cousins.  Makayla is on the left and Macy is on the right.


EC eating Macy Eating Macy. 



Sally said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the update. The girls are all so beautiful and the pictures are all so cute. Thanks for keeping us so updated. Love you all, Mom

DeDe said...

Those three are going to have a lot of fun when they get a little older - you are in for trouble!!!!!!