Wild Child

We are just hanging out while Daddy has his Army National Guard duty this weekend.  The weekends sure are L.O.N.G. when he is away and EC and I are here by ourselves.  But, there are only 6 more drills (I think!) and then no more, so yay!! 

EC’s latest habit is playing with her tootsies and biting her toesies!  Why is that so irresistible?  And why is it cute for a baby to do this but if any adult did it, it would be disgusting? 

EC toes

So as I’ve posted before, (almost) every morning, EC and I hit the gym where she goes to play in the Kid’s Kare room while I workout.  I know all of the sweet ladies that work in there and they know Miss Emmy Cate since we go so often.  Well, today I found out that she is known as the “wild child” around there!  This doesn’t surprise me in the least because she is quite a handful, but I can’t believe she has a reputation already!!  Ahhhh!!!! 

Does it have anything to do with the high-pitched ear-piercing scream that she does just to make noise?  Nahhh ….

Or the dislike she has for sitting in her stroller for more than 3 minutes?  Nahhh ….

Or the thrashing and kicking and trying to turn over that she will do practically anywhere??  Nahhh …

Or the 2 minutes she is entertained with each toy before she is bored??  Nahhh….

Can anyone say ADHD??!!!!! 

Yes, she is a wild child, but we love her to death!! 


DeDe said...

We wouldn't want her any other way - she's a cutie pie!!!!

Grandma (Pam) said...

She is just so cute doing everything. It is just one of the many stages, but how adorable she is. Thanks again for the updates. Love it. Mom