Well hello there first tooth!!

Is this why Emmy Cate has been so fussy the past few days?  A little white speck on the horizon of her gums has appeared!  I noticed this after watching her scream smile at me picking her up from the Kid’s Kare at the gym.  Through close inspection, Daddy was able to verify it!!

It’s too teeny tiny to snap a pic of it, so here she is just being charming!!  

EC turkey day

 EC turkey day 2 

Gobble. Gobble.  Happy Early Turkey Day!!


DeDe said...

She is such a doll - does she have a new toy too?

Grandma 9PAM) said...

She is beautiful. She does do well for photes. Glad the tooth is through. Love you all,

Sally said...

You always talk about her fussin yet all the pics have BIG SMILES!!!