The Land of the Delta Blues … part 1

Emmy Cate is visiting her grandparents DeDe and Pro in Memphis this week.  She is getting plenty of attention and cuddle time and has been really working on her laugh.  She really wants to giggle over everything but sometimes she just manages a “fake cough” sound that is hilarious.  She also loves to blow bubbles and coo, and really acts like a complete ham most of the time these days when she has an audience!! 





Pam (Grandma) said...

I love the progress updates and the beautiful pictures. Computers are great for keeping Grandma and Grandpa in touch with her growing process. Hope Daphne & Larry are doing good and I know they are enjoying that little bundle of love and joy. Talk soon. Love you all.
Pam (Grandma)

Uncle Ben and Aunt Mere said...

You can really tell how much bigger she is getting! We can't wait to see her in person!