Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I have decided that putting my hands in my mouth is no longer providing me with ample opportunity to drool all over myself.  As such, I have discovered that if I grab things with my little chubby hands I can find an endless number of things to put in my mouth.  This causes maximum salivation which is essential for soaking the front of my outfit. 

Yours Drooly,

Emmy Cate

EC and rattle {A picture wouldn’t be complete without a sparkling drop of drool on her chin!!}


DeDe said...

Let the drooling begin!!1 So cute holding on to that rattle!

Julie said...

That's why she has those adorable bibs! I love this picture!

Pam (Grandma) said...

She is beautiful with or without drool. I love the update and seeing her cute will face sure adds joy to my days. Thanks for keeping us updated with photos. Love you all. Grandma