The Bluff City …. Part 3

We’re still hanging out in Memphis!!  Emmy Cate has gone through a rough few days but I think she is back to her old self now, which is fortunate before she drives mommy to the edge!  :)  We will be headed back home this weekend to reunite with Daddy and Bits.  Pro and DeDe aren’t going to know what to do once she leaves and there is no crying babbling around the house.  Here is Pro “being strongly encouraged” volunteering to hold her:


Another cute pic of EC just hanging out:



Sally said...

i'm sure it must be rough having big green bows on the toes :-)

Uncle Ben and Aunt Mere said...

Don't let Laarr trick you into having PGATOUR.com open behind her on the computer so he can watch scores....that's what he did with Molly