New home of AI …. Part 2

Emmy Cate has been a busy bee in Memphis this week running around with Mommy and DeDe, and also visiting with Mamaw McDaniel. 

Here she is working on her giggling:

EC laugh

Today, we went to the Germantown Festival.  I haven’t been there in probably 15 years, so it was a stroll down memory lane to go back.  DeDe and I ate “carney food” and checked out all of the cute booths with kids clothes, jewelry, crafts, food, etc.  The weather was beautiful and not as hot as in many years past.  Emmy Cate enjoyed being outdoors and seeing all of the other kids running around.  We saw many tiny little ones and other kids of all ages.  There was a huge kid activity play area and so maybe in a couple of years EC can take advantage of all of that fun!!  We didn’t snap a pick until we were leaving and EC was wearing down at this point:


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Uncle Ben and Aunt Mere said...

That pic up there is just about as cute as it gets!!