Top 10

The top ten things we love about Emmy Cate right now …

10.  Your knowing little grin that you give “Poodle” and “Pony” while riding in style in your carseat.

9. That little dimple on your left cheek that pops out every time you smile.

8. Your completely hyper {and somewhat disturbing :) } reaction to taking all of your clothes off before the bath.  You kick and wiggle and grin with eyes as big as saucers!!

7.  Daddy gets to look in the mirror every time he sees you!  You look just like him!

6. Your innocent and bewildered expression when we try to feed you rice cereal in the mornings.

5. Your constant and sometimes very loud cooing when you are in the Baby Bjorn walking around in a store.  You can typically draw quite a crowd with all of that “talking”!!

4.  That look you give us when we are both laughing hysterically at something you did.  Your little face just says “What?  What is so darn funny?”

3.  Falling sound asleep in the Baby Bjorn with your head slumped forward.  You love being carried around in the Bjorn!

2. Your gummy, toothless grins first thing in the morning when you are laying in the crib waiting for someone to just grab you up and cuddle you.

1. Your chubby little fingers grabbing on to us whenever we are in your reach.  Your little hands and feet are so cute we could just eat them up!

And because it just wouldn’t be a post without a pic or video of the little munchkin, here is a clip of her very first time in the jumper seat.  Make sure your volume is up to catch her side of the conversation!!



Anonymous said...

She'll get the hang of it - she loves it already - another venue for that busy little girl.

Sally said...

The videos are great, makes us out of towners feel like we know them a tiny bit - more so than still shots! and what great stuff they will have to look at when they get older! Assuming it doesn't get lost in cyberspace:-)

prettyinprintnet said...

she's got great moves already... probably gets that from lauren ;)

i think you need to teach her the baby beyonce dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPRxWsX50kI

love the blog, guys. keep it coming!