Hoppy Easter!!

Emmy Cate had quite the first Easter!  Unfortunately, we had to take the bad with the good and deal with our first ear infection.  After having a fever for 3 days, a horribly runny nose, and the ear infection, Emmy Cate has not been a happy camper!!

Pro and DeDe were in town to help us out with some home improvements (more on that later!) and so they got to celebrate with us.  On Saturday, we dyed our Easter eggs with DeDe.  Emmy Cate get her hands in the yellow dye and so had yellow fingers for a while, but she managed to avoid getting it on her clothes or anything else!

DSC_0639 DSC_0653

We also made a bunny cake!  My grandmother made this cake for my brother and I when we were little and so gave me the pan to make the cake for Emmy Cate.  Talk about pressure!  It was quite the task with the cake mold and icing and decorating!!  We managed to make it work, although we had a number of close calls with the head threatening to topple!  We think it turned out cute and you can see the picture of the original cake too!

Cake compare

EC easter cake

On Easter morning, Emmy Cate woke up to yummy breakfast of bunny pancakes!! 

DSC_0665 DSC_0669

At lunchtime, we headed to the Club for an Easter brunch, Easter egg hunt, and a visit with the Easter bunny.  And no, Emmy Cate did not wear a dress on Easter (Sally) :) !!  I know, terrible, but she is NOT happy when she cannot crawl everywhere, and she gets stuck on the hem of a dress.  And since she has been a little crazy the past few days, that was just not a battle I wanted to fight!  Soooo … she wore a cute bubble and her Easter dress is in the bag to be taken back.  :(


After an incredible brunch (Miss EC was on her best manners!) we headed to the Easter egg hunt where EC managed to collect all of 3 eggs before the big kids snatched them all up!!




We tried to get pictures but there was WAY too much going on for her to concentrate!!  Many of the pictures turned out like this … EC pick nose 

Yes, that is her finger straight up her nose!!  This is her latest obsession, which is quite gross especially when her nose is running!

But once she saw the Easter bunny, it was all smiles!!  She gets so giddy just giggling and grinning when she sees any “character” in costume!  Add in the fact that she has never met a stranger so you can hand her right over, and you can get the best pictures!!  We basically had to tear here away so that the next kid could get their picture taken!

EC easter bunny

Easter bunny family

After brunch, we came home and Emmy Cate found what the Easter bunny had brought her – an Easter basket filled with bunny bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a hopping chicken, bunny ears, peeps, cotton candy, and other yummy treats!!

 EC easter basket

 DSC_0796 DSC_0789 

 Happy 1st Easter Emmy Cate!!!


DeDe said...

I wish we could have taken that big bunny home with us - she sure loved him!!!

Sally said...

Looks like a fun time! Glad you don't make her wear dresses and trip over them!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a great Easter! The bunny cake is precious- such a great tradition. And, I love the family picture. You guys will probably laugh about that one down the road. Although, Emmy Cate might get a little embarassed when she's older! :)