Bedtime craziness!!

The last hour of Emmy Cate’s day has recently turned into our very FAVORITE part of the day.  What used to just be chores of getting through dinner, bathtime, and bedtime has now become sooo much fun because Emmy Cate is usually in the best mood!  And by best mood, I mean crazy hyper!! 

She has a couple of games that she loves to play and get her giggling and racing around.  the first is a surprise game and takes two people.  It goes something like this … one person holds her and the other person turns their back to her.  Emmy Cate reaches out and touches the second person on the back and that person jumps and turns around and acts crazy.  Then repeat!  She can really get giggling on this one.  We don’t have any pics because it takes two people!

The other game is simply to play chase.  She loves to chase and be chased and she can really get tearing around her room at bedtime.  She really loves for Daddy to play the game with her and she thinks it’s the BEST for him to swipe her legs out from under her when she crawls. 

You would think getting her that wound up before bed would be a complete no-no and we should be dimming the lights and reading to her or something calming, but we give her a bath, get her pj’s on, lay her in the crib, turn off the lights and shut the door and she goes to sleep within a few minutes by herself every single night!  Thank you Emmy Cate for being a GREAT sleeper.

DSC_0900 DSC_0890

DSC_0891 EC hyper 2 


EC hyper 1

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She is a cutie pie!!!!