11 Months

Wow … only one more month to go until Emmy Cate is a year old!  Amazing!  We are knee deep in her birthday planning and can’t wait to celebrate our little girl turning 1 year old!! 

Not a lot of drastic changes from 10 months, but here are some highlights from her 11th month:

  • Pulling up on any and everything, and cruising around a bit.   We think walking is still a little ways off though!  :)
  • Loves to give high fives, low fives, and clap with you
  • Babbles and has too many sounds to name!!  Starting to say “mama” specific.  Looks like we may have our first word!!
  • Loves to reach for whomever she wants to hold her
  • Weighed in at the doctor today at 20 lbs. (50%).  Estimated 29.5 long (75%).

She loves her some Bits and so they wrestle quite often now!  Bits gets really PO’ed, but for some reason stands his ground and will not run away and get out of her reach.  Here is their latest round of fighting!

DSC_0877 DSC_0873 DSC_0874 DSC_0876


Grandma (Pam) said...

SOOOOOOO adorable. She is so cute and it's great she loves Bits so much. Thanks for the update and unbelievable she is ll months old already.

Sally said...

I love these pics! how funny!