10 Months!!

Our sweet little girl is growing up so fast!!  In the last month, I think Emmy Cate’s personality has developed by leaps and bounds!  She has really been a happy girl and likes to laugh a lot!  She is starting to get too many “tricks” to name, but here are some highlights of her last month:

  • Pulling up on everything and starting to take a few steps to “cruise” around things
  • Loves standing in her crib and chewing on the railing
  • Loves for you to mimic her sounds; her favorite is “ahhh”
  • Says a lot of sounds now, including baba, gaga, ahhh, kuh, gege, and also now mama and dada!  And she said mama first!!  :)
  • She has 2 more teeth coming in (bottom sides), so that brings us up to 8 teeth
  • This month she switched from baby food to normal food.  She is transitioning pretty well but has been pickier with things than she was with baby food.  Her favorite things to eat are cheese, Nutrigrain bars, and bologna!!  She doesn’t seem to like things with “slimy” textures just yet.
  • She is still drinking about 2 small bottles per day, but it’s a fight to get those down her!
  • She loves her sippy cup and has fully mastered that so she now drinks juice and water and loves it.
  • She definitely knows the word “no” and when she is told “no ma’am” she vigorously shakes her head.  When she crawls to a place or touches something she knows she isn’t supposed to, she will look at you and shake her head at you!!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to laugh!

She also has a new face!  She scrunches up her nose – I think it’s hilarious!!!  Here it is in action:


And with a less scrunched up face:

sideways glance cute boo


Sally said...

I can't believe she's doing all that stuff - she wasn't crawling or drinking from her sippy cup last time I saw her!

Sally said...

Waiting to see the EASTER DRESS!!!???