Busy, Busy Last Week

So, we have really been busy this last week … doing I don’t know what … just keeping busy!!  I am always amazed at how Emmy Cate’s progress in language, motor skills, etc. really jumps by leaps and bounds in a matter of days!!  I was pretty distracted writing her 11 month post, so I’m going to revise it and add some things that she has now mastered or I forgot to post a few days ago.

  • We have definitely learned to both clap and wave on command!  Before, she could clap and she could wave, but all you have to say is “Emmy Cate, Clap!” and she does it!  And yes, her official wave is the “closing-her-hand-in-a-fist-waving-to-herself” wave that most babies do!   Why is that so darn cute?
  • After taking the last video of her walking behind her walker, she has really started to enjoy that toy and can walk anywhere behind it now
  • She is now a proficient “cruiser” and can walk around the coffee table, down the sofa, around people, etc!  I may have thought walking was a little ways off but I think I’m retracting that statement!  Here she is walking down the console table.

EC cruising

  • She can stand up and balance without holding on to anything.  Here she is taking time out from playing on her walker to take a sip!


Ok, I think those are all of her new “skillz” for now …

Other than that, we went swimming for the first time this summer.  To say Emmy Cate enjoyed it would be an understatement!  We have a blow up floatie that she can sit in, which she liked, but I think she mostly liked me holding her and swimming around with her.  Since I took her by myself, I don’t have any pics of her in the water, but here she is pre-swim:



I didn’t really realize how often she has her tongue sticking out until I started looking through these pictures! 

And finally, last but not least, our friend Diane came to visit us this weekend and got in plenty of play time with EC.



Anonymous said...

How adorable - She is so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for
posting the updates for us to see how beautiful she is and all progress she makes from one post to the next. They make my day every morning.

Sally said...

Love the bathing suit!! By the time i see her again she'll be running around!

DeDe said...

She is getting the walking thing down - it won't be long!!