One Year Portrait

Recently, we enlisted the help of a wonderful local photographer, Patricia Gagne, and had some portraits of Emmy Cate made.  We are VERY happy with how they all turned out!  Patricia’s backyard is so beautiful and she has many wonderful settings – a flower garden, a shady glen with garden gate, a duck pond with dock, and a forest bench. 

It was pretty easy for me to choose the one that will be made into the large portrait.  It just jumped out at me!  Patricia’s style is a hybrid between a photograph and an oil painting.  The finished product will have a painted look on the background and clothing but certain elements, like the face will mostly be the original photo quality.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Of course, there were other cute ones we just couldn’t pass up, so we will have to order a few more smaller photos.  And if anyone else is interested in having one … or two … or three (that’s you grandmothers!!), then let me know!!

Here are my 5 favorite ones … the top one will be the large portrait!

EC portrait 1

 EC portrait 2

 EC portrait 3


Sally said...

Fantastic photos! She is so cute and it looks like she's growing a lot of hair, lauren's color.

Mandy and Gary said...

Awesome Pics! I want one...4x6 or 5x7 of the top one! Let me know how much! I love the pool pics too...such a crazy girl!