New Camera!!! Beware …. Random Pics!!

So, we did get our new camera …. finally!!!  Enough was enough with the blurry and badly-lit photos!  Yay, we love it!!  We ended up with a Nikon D5000.  It is AMAZING (well, it will be once we learn about all of it’s awesomeness!!)  Sooo ….. here are some of the random pics that we’ve captured!!  I think we have taken 400 pictures since it arrived on our doorstep about a week and half ago!!  Beware … totally random!!  :)


Had to post this because you can see every water droplet!!  Seriously, each little drop!!??  (On a side note, yes it is ridiculous that EC is still in an infant tub, but Daddy SWEARS that come St. Patty’s day, she moves to the big tub!!  Loooonnnnggggg overdue, we know.  Daddy doesn’t want his little girl to grow up!!  :)))

DSC_0065  Chewing on a pac!


Getting in trouble in the pantry …. modeling the latest in Canola oil .. and dangerously close to mixing a margarita!!

cute EC face  Happy little girl first thing in the morning!!

DSC_0320 Funny faces!!!

DSC_0376 Playin’ in a diaper box!!

DSC_0348 Just being a sweetheart!!  :)


DeDe said...

They look good - love the pantry one!

Sally said...

Thanks, great photos. You must be enjoying the new camera!