3, 1, 4, 12

= The number of babies, toddlers, dogs, and adults that created complete chaos last Saturday night.  Emmy Cate hung out with her cousins and aunt and uncle who were in town and lots of other extended family.  She had a BLAST!  She went on a golf cart ride, played with new toys, played with her cousins, and got lots of hugs from everyone!!  She skipped her afternoon nap to play and she certainly felt it later.  She went down a little after 7 and was asleep as soon as her head hit the crib!!! 

EC daddy walkingPlaying with Daddy in the sunshine!!



Playing with the twins



Macy                                                                           Makayla



Trying to play with the big kids!!  Haley was sweet and let her read along in her book!


The girls

Trying to get a good shot of all the girls.  20 pictures later … this was the best we could get!!




The twins shared their carrots with Emmy Cate, but apparently, she didn’t think much of them since she promptly threw her carrot at Makayla, who couldn’t have been more excited to have 2!!



Even Nathan got in some QT with the twins!!


Anonymous said...

Great job getting them all in one shot. Thanks for the pictures. It is so excited seeing the smiling little faces every day. I love it. Loved like you all had fun.....

Sally said...

Love EC's pink pants outfit. I can't wait till these kids start dressing themselves and picking out what they want to wear ;-)