Our Little Valentine

We celebrated a great V-day with our newest little valentine today!  Emmy Cate was showered with cards, flowers (ok, maybe just a single rose), and gifts!  Daddy got her a beautiful red rose and a silly toy that sings “I Feel Good”, lights up, and flaps his ears.  She L.O.V.E.S. that kind of thing!  EC dressed for Daddy in her V-day finest …. her first blue jeans and a shirt that says “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”!! 

Here she is sizing up her new toy before going for it.  I love how she has her little tongue out like she is really thinking about it!


DSC03031 DSC03018

Daddy wanted to get her picture with all of the pretty roses (23 for Mommy and 1 for EC).  Of course, you can’t do anything around here without Bits sticking his nose in it (literally)!!  Notice how classy we are … EC’s rose is in it’s own “vase” aka a Pilsner glass!!  Haha!


After taking 39 pictures today, and only 4 turning out, Nathan has finally broken down and says we are getting a new camera THIS WEEK!!  Yes!!  Since our luck with our recent point-and-click has been pretty bad, we are in the market for an SLR camera, likely a Nikon.  Suggestions on which model to buy are welcome!!  Stay tuned for better pictures and quite possibly some other exciting news soon!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


DeDe said...

Too cute - what exciting news are you referring to??????? Hope she got our valentine!!

Anonymous said...

Hey-She is so adorable as usual....and yes we are wondering about the exciting news too. That wasn't fair. Ha!!!
Love you all!

Jen said...

Love the picture of her thinking about the toy. As for cameras, I love my Canon Rebel SLR. I've had it for a few years now and my only complaint is that there are so many features I don't yet know how to use. I would recommend you take a class or get a training book and do the lessons. They've dropped in price quite a bit in the past couple years so you can get a really good camera for the price.
Dewi thinks he knows the other exciting news - EC is going to be on the Singing Bee!

prettyinprintnet said...

is there going to be another itsy bitsy childers??!

Sally said...


I am catching up with EC after being gone for 2 weeks - wow - has she changed in only 2 weeks :-)

Shannon said...

Looks like you have a great Valentine's Day!! And, other new?!? Hmmm...I bet you have some speculators now! We chose our make/model based on what some of our camera savvy friends recommended. I loved the Cannon Rebel I had and I love my Nikon D60 I have now. I ended up with the D60 simply b/c I heard good things about it and I found a good price at Costco/Sam's. But, I think they have the Rebel now, too. And, totally do classes or buy a book or something. I just got the Dummies book for the D60. Hopefully it will make me camera smart! :)