Best Buds

Hey Bits, you think Mommy and Daddy will let us go out and play??


Hmmm, let’s check out the weather, what do you think?  I see blue skies ….


Hey!  You mind your own business.  Bits and I are hanging out!!


Mamaw and Papaw Childers came to visit EC this weekend and she had a blast!  She showed them all of her new tricks – crawling, pulling up, kneeling, babbling – and a new one she learned over the weekend – clapping!  She is so proud of herself when she does something that she feels needs an ovation, and now she can join in!!  I’m hoping Papaw has some pictures of their visit because we didn’t take a single one!!  Oopps!!


DeDe said...

They look like partners in crime!! So cute!

grandma (Pam) said...

I love that-it is sooooo cute.