9 Months!!

Emmy Cate turns 9 months old today!!  Here are some highlights of what she is up to these days:

  • Clapping and starting to wave
  • She is working on her consonants - bah, guh, keh – and will “talk” to you and mimic these sounds
  • She has 4 teeth (bottom two middle and top two side) with 5th coming in (finally a top middle!)
  • The ball popper is hands down her favorite toy and she can turn it on and knows how to “play” with many toys
  • She is crawling everywhere and her favorite position is balancing on one knee with the other leg extended
  • She eats 3 jars of baby food (or the equivalent) for each meal, three times a day and 2 bottle “snacks” per day (12 oz total)
  • She wakes up at around 7, naps from 11-1, and most days again from 5-6, then bedtime at 8
  • She weighs 19 lbs., 8 ozs. (50-75%) and is 29” long (80%)
  • She generally wears 12-18 month clothes


Happy 9 months little girl!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful little girl-She is so cute and so active and I love the updates. Being grandma is a sweet blessing. I love it.

palmer_sean@yahoo.com said...

Hi Lauren and Nathan,

Emmy Cate is getting so big! She is so adorable. Hope you guys are doing great.