Busy, Busy Ball Popper

I’m afraid I don’t have a very exciting update.  With the weather like it is (can we say HIGHs in the 20s!!) and with snow and ice, there isn’t a lot to do and we’ve been forced to stay inside.  We thought we escaped that kind of weather when we moved back South!!  Since we’ve had so much indoor time, Emmy Cate has really been into her new toys that Santa brought her and her favorite is the Busy Ball Popper.  Here is a quick clip of her playing the other night (I shot on my phone, hence the poorer quality)!

January and February are the WORST months!!  There is really nothing good about them (ok, minus my dad’s birthday, which is pretty much in March anyways!)!!  Before the end of the year I was juggling the holidays and holiday travel, gift buying, party planning for my parent’s surprise anniversary, scrapbook making for my parents anniversary, and keeping up with EC and the house.  But while I am glad to have some time to relax now, it’s gotten a bit boring around here.  Most of you know this, but I’m currently looking for a job so that is priority #1.  But besides that, I don’t have any “projects” to keep me busy so I’m scheming up a new little project.

I’m thinking of creating another blog … a fashion blog.  Truth is, I’ve kind of gotten obsessed with blogging and reading other people’s blogs!  I mostly read either “mommy” blogs or fashion blogs.  Here is one of my favorite fashion blogs: http://www.thechloeconspiracy.com/.  I already have a “mommy” blog, so why not create a fashion blog?  Afterall, it is one of my favorite subjects.  Plus, the larger fashion bloggers have started to get noticed by retailers and companies actually send them free stuff in hopes of getting a mention on their blog!!  How amazing would that be?  Not that I would expect to reach such status, but hey!!  Anyways, stay tuned if I decide to do it ….


Ben and Mere said...

Looks like the little one is keeping busy inside - a good thing! Nothing is worse than a bored baby!

Sally said...

jan and feb have always been the pits!! from now
on i plan to travel during that time - makes it go faster!