Fall is in the air

This past weekend, Mamaw and Papaw Childers came to visit Miss Emmy Cate.  Since they hadn’t seen her for 6 weeks, they were very surprised with all of her new tricks!!  We had a great weekend filled with lots of activities to keep our little girl busy!  First, we started off the day on Saturday with some yummy rice cereal and EC was happy to have a large audience so she could ham it up and entertain everyone!!

EC highchair

We headed out to buy some pansies and mums to spruce up our crib, and tried to get EC to sit pretty amongst a sea of pumpkins but she was having none of it.  Apparently, her hands and feet were soooooooo interesting at that exact moment!  Here she is debating the merits of her big toe!!


She did manage to squeeze in some time to “stop and smell the roses uhhh… pansies” with Daddy.  Best to learn the fine points of gardening at a young age!

EC flowers

After that, we headed to the park to let her run around {we wish!!  haha!!} swing for a bit.  It was a gorgeous afternoon!!  Even Papaw and Daddy got in some of that action showing their skills on the monkey bars!

Last, but not least, EC had to debut a new trick over the weekend, which was standing up!!  This cracks us up because she is sooo proud of herself!!  Here is a great video of her right before her bath.  She can’t get enough of herself!! 

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DeDe said...

The picture in the pumpkins is priceless - love it!